Tackle It Tuesday – Week 6


Been busy working on last week’s Tackle It Tuesday projects and then some.  The holiday decorating continues…


Garland all hung in the kitchen and living room (yes, I made them myself last year…LOL) along with the swags in the dining room.  All it takes to jazz up simple evergreen garland is a set of lights, some tulle, ornaments, jingle bells, some ribbon and a glue gun…presto, instant Christmas!


Even the staircase got some bling…


On my boxwood topiaries, I just added a simple star garland from Pier 1 Imports to give them a little sparkle (yes, that’s a portrait of Marielle when she was still a delightful child)…


Then I did some decluttering.  I photographed and posted all the gag gifts from Mr. Diva’s recent 50th Birthday Bash to my local Freecycle group on Yahoo.  I doubt Mr. Diva™ will mind that I gave away his new blow-up doll and pecker erector…LOL!  Freecycle recipients are coming to claim the junk goodies today.

Freecycle is a wonderful way to do your part in keeping stuff out of your local landfill.  I’ve given dozens of things away such as Barbie doll houses, Super Hero action figures and dishes that I no longer needed.  I’ve even received a vintage sewing machine and outdoor sandbox from other Freecyclers!


Next, I emptied my armoire where I keep all my t-shirts.  They’re all sorted–notice the huge black bag to donate.  I have this t-shirt problem.  Well actually, it’s an eating problem.  Every meal I eat somehow ends up on my shirt with my large boobs catching it before it falls on my lap.  So every week or so, I go buy new t-shirts…however, instead of throwing out the stained t-shirts, I just threw them back in the armoire.  Glad to finally be able to find what I need!  Off to buy more t-shirts as my t-shirt stash is looking sad…don’t ya think?


Among the t-shirts, I found this one and just had to laugh…


Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom’s Tackle It Tuesday so you too came go from Disaster to Diva!

For the coming week, I NEED to decorate the Christmas Tree…no excuses!  Not sure if and when I’m going to get to the 44,000 outdoor lights and rewire the 15 life-size wicker reindeers…ugh…we’ll see.  Stay tuned!




  1. I am so relieved to hear I am not the only one with that boob issue. I have to wear a smock (aka bib) to eat! LOL

  2. Sarah…I love going to the local Lobster House as I get to wear a lobster bib without looking like a fool…KWIM?

    happy holidays!

    With friendship,


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