More Fabric and Sewing Goodies

Oh my!!!!  Look what I found at Kohl’s Department Store!  Not only does it have mannequins and matches my sewing room, but it says DOWNTOWN (in case you didn’t know, my boys’ clothing line is DOWNTOWN JOEY)!


I couldn’t resist the giant lunchbox trunk, suitcase, note cards, shopping list, pencils, pencil cup, post-it notes, journal and notepads…I had to buy them all!

Next up, I received a big package from J. Caroline Creative!  I chose Joel Dewberry’s Pink Damask to recover my garden room chair cushions and some Dark Green Sunburst and Dark Green Sparrows to make coordinating pillows.  I even found some Zebra Canvas fabric for Marielle’s bedroom.


Also bought some different Buttons To Cover as it was a disaster when I used the crappy Dritz Buttons. Be sure to check out J. Caroline Creative’s BLOG!!!  I love it!  Great customer service and lots of good laughs!


Next up…I received my Clover Needlecraft from Mangham Manor Wool & Mohair Farm!  I can’t wait to try these neat smocking stickers!  Wish me luck!


I had ordered these AWESOME gift tags from Tag You’re It on Etsy.  They’re BEAUTIFUL!  I plan to use most of them on my daughter, Marielle’s, gifts so I can reuse them.


While taking pics of all my new goodies, I realized I never showed you the Motherload from Joann’s Fabric and Crafts‘ Black Friday shopping spree!


Lots of notions including an adorable mannequin pincushion for Marielle’s room.


And of course, tons of flannel fabric for the 40 pajama lounge pants I need to sew up before Christmas…what was I thinking?  But in my defense, all the notions and fabrics cost me $89!!!  SCORE!

Hope your day is DIVINE!




  1. Love your fabric stash. Looks like I am talking to another fabric-aholic 🙂 And the tags are very cool. I’ll have to look her up. Have the Best of Weeks…..Rosie

  2. WOW!! You sure raked in some good stuff. I’m just learning to sew and get so excited about fabrics and stuff. I tend to want to buy certain things and patterns that i’m not even remotely able to accomplish yet. LOL! It drives my hubby crazy!

  3. You DID score. How many of the 40 pajama do you have completed? I have been collecting various types of dressforms for a while now – I have over 20 now. I will have to post a picture of them soon. Some are made of cloth, some wire, some ceramic, some large some tiny – ou name it.I think I need to make a trip to Kohl’s.

  4. That’s amazing! What a great price for all those gifts. You have to figure in your time as well BUT $2 a gift with some time and love thrown in, that is still an amazing price! Who could ask for a better gift? The stuff you put on your blog is so cool, I just love it!

  5. Ooh, covered buttons. I have some I keep meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to yet!

  6. Thanks for the pics and props for jcaroline! (Would you like to shoot all of our products?) You’ll like these covered buttons- I think they are super easy to use. (No True Temper hammer required!)

  7. Yep Rosie…I get excited over fabric–it’s much better than clothes shopping, KWIM?

    Tiff-soon enough you’ll be getting adventureous. I make a habit out of trying a technique/skill I’ve never done with almost every sewing project. that way I can say I’ve done it at least once.

    Don’t ask, Tracey…LOL. Perhaps I’ll get started with the PJs now that the road are all ice and I’m stuck in the house. but don’t count on it—they just may end up being after-xmas gifts.

    Supa…anything has got to be better than those stupid Dritz button…I must have smashed more than 5 of those junky plastic applicators.

    My pleasure Caroline. I’ll pass on the photo shoots…haha! Happy Holidays!

    With friendship,

  8. PhobiaMom…yep, can’t beat the price of those gifts. are you girls taking bets to see if I’ll actually get them done? ROTFL!

    With friendship,

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