Sewing Video Tutorials Coming Soon!


Woo hoo!  My new computer has finally arrived…and with a VIDEO CAM!!!  I just need to purchase an extension cable for the microphone (I’ve already got the VIDEO part working…just need to run a longer cable for the SOUND).

 Picture 003

I’m thinking perhaps I can make some sewing video tutorials.  Any thoughts on what you’d like to see?




  1. I would LOVE some sewing tutorials!!! I actually searched for some when I began sewing this summer, but no luck. Keep us posted!! Even just having the chance to watch another person sew would be beneficial to me, as I’m sure it would be to others as well. THANK YOU!

  2. Since you are making tons of the lounge sets it may be of great benefit to some to see how you sew when you are making multiples of one item. It may be a huge time saver!

    Oh and please say some 4 letter words while producing so that I feel at home while watching!! 🙂

  3. How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I discovered your blog recently and I’m loving it. Thank you for all your efforts and for sharing with the rest of us. I really appreciate it.

  5. I’d love to see anything and everything you come up with, Lisa! Keep up the great work and fun blog. 🙂

  6. Those freakin’ pettiskirts, cause I ain’t payin’ $80 for one!!! Can they be done with a zig zag instead of serging, I hate serging!?

  7. Can you do binding edges? My bound edges look so frumpy and homemade. Also, other than a genetic problem, I seem to be unable to cut straight lines. Any tips? These are probably pretty basic, but, help!!!!!

  8. Let me first say any tutorial you do will be great, and I will watch. But I wouldn’t mind if you threw in bound button holes, welt pockets with flaps and mitered bindings on clothes-not quilts or blankets. That’s enough for starters.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement, girls!

    I’m thinking perhaps starting with some of the basics (lounge pants and peasant shirts), then moving up to stuff a little more technique (welt pockets for Traci…LOL). Unforuntaly, no pettiskirts as it’s really trial and error (with lots of error and 4 letter words).

    oh no, I had better get a manicure and shine my diamonds…haha! You girls will probably make more comments about my Brooklyn (NYC) accent than my sewing skills!

    Happy Sewing!

    With friendship,

  10. Hello, my name is Frank, i intend to shoot a sewing tutorial video and i want some assistance from you. please if you are interested in helping out on this project, reply me on and lets discuss more.

    frank duke
    Fashion Resource Institute, Nigeria

  11. Hi Frank…

    Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about video…I’m going to have to learn myself.

    Sorry, but good luck with your project!

    With friendship,

  12. FAITH IMOISILI says:


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