Sew, What about ME?

As lovely as all the nifty sewn gift tutorials are for others, I keep thinking, “What about ME?”

So, I’ve come up with a few things we can spoil ourselves with!

Here’s my Christmas List:

Yes, I already have one of these in LIGHT PINK…but I would always use one in BRIGHT PINK, right?


Vintage HOT PINK Wil-Hold Sewing Box


Vintage PINK Sewing Machine

Rare Neechi PINK Sewing Machine


Vintage Miniature PINK Barbie Sewing Machine and accessories


Industrial Pocket Creaser


Industrial Vacuum Board for Ironing


Industrial Suction Ironing Station


Pfaff Industrial Double Needle Sewing Machine


Commercial Dress Steamer


Naomoto Gravity Feed Iron


Vintage Garment Leveler


T-Jet T-shirt Printer


Brother Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine


Hydraulic Grommet Press


Entire Fabric Store


Jiffy PINK Garment Steamer


Yamata Steam Press with Stand


Rowenta PINK Iron

Any of these items would be a great addition to our sewing rooms!

Unfortunately, Mr. Diva™ doesn’t read my blog…well, maybe that’s a good thing…KWIM?

Happy Sewing!




  1. I love your ideas! I have sewn more in the month of November than I think I have all year long! Thanks for the continued inspiration! And I do love all that pink stuff!

  2. Gawd Im laughing my arse off at the “whole fabric store”. Well aint that the truth- Lawdy! This list made me smile Lisa! Thanks!


  3. Thanks Anne! Glad I could help motivate you!

    LOL Kim…yep, the heck with just a bolt or two of fabric…I’ll take the whole store!

    With friendship,

  4. If you get any duplicates of anything on your list, please send them my way.

  5. I love the idea of the entire fabric store, I’ll add that on my wishing list ;o)

  6. Shall do, Tracey…LOL.

    Actually Berry…I thought the fabric store I selected was too small (only 800 bolts–I probably own close to that number of bolts already)…so you can have it. I think I’ll set my sites on a much bigger store…haha!

    With friendship,

  7. I also like the fabric store idea! It would be so handy to just go “shopping” for fabric in my own home. I think I’d like to order some fabric elves to go along with that fabric store because they could keep the store straight and restock the fabric if I started running low. LOL

    Great list!

  8. LOL! Love the whole fabric store! LOL How nice would THAT be?!? LOL

  9. I want the whole fabric store!!!

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