SEW Many Toys and Games


Sew Mama Sew brings us Day 23 – Soft Toys and Games!  Here’s your chance to sew up some adorable toys for the little (and big) ones!



TK Harrison’s Quilted Tic-Tac-Toe-To-Go


Tic Tac Toe Game


Elna’s Take Along Games


Felt Checkers Game


Kate Erback’s Hello Ducky


Toddler Touchy Worm


Nuno’s Terrycloth Cat


Nuno’s Felt Pig


Judi Ward’s Super Simple Baby Bows Doll


Infinite Freedom’s Doll Dress


Helen Wharton’s American Girl Dress


Helen Wharton’s American Girl Long Sleeve Prairie Dress


Baby Lock’s Playtime Teepee


Sew News’ Toys That Teach

snake2’s Learning to Dress Snake

bethbook’s Child’s Shape Book


Kate Erbach’s Germaine the Giraffe


HGTV’s Puppet Theatre


E How To Me’s Door Puppet Stage

Care Wear’s Felt Finger Puppets

Care Wear’s Hand Puppets


Bella Online’s Bonita Bunny


Care Wear’s Fiberfill Bear


Wyrm’s Cuddly Dragons


Joann’s Faberge Bunny

livbirthdayball2’s Fabric Baby Grab Ball


Gemini Bears’ HUMM Bear


Joann’s Fabric Blocks


The Creative Life’s Soft Blocks


Hancock Fabrics’ Shape and Texture Blocks


All Sorts’ Softie Scotties

kite’s Kite


Kelly Lynn Smith’s Bed Bug


Craft and Fabric Links’ Stuffed Cat


Wee Wonderful’s Wee Bunny


Ottobre’s Mouse


Ottobre’s Hobby Fox


Ottobre’s Teddy Bear Rattle


Ottobre’s Donkey


Perestroika’s 1-2-3 Barbie Jacket


Anne Nicole’s Holiday Barbie Gown


Perestroika’s 20 Minute Barbie Vest


Tiny Zipper’s Barbie Closet


Tiny Zippers’ Barbie Sofa


CC Originals’ Barbie Pajamas



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Want to see what everyone else did for Handmade Holidays?

Handmade Holiday PHOTOS on Flickr



Yes, this crazy hoot was in the car at 5:15am this morning.  First stop, Kohl’s Department Store.  I wanted to pick up two Roomba‘s (only $99 each from 4am to 11am today only) for my Mother and Mother-in-Law.  The cashier lines literally wrapped around the ENTIRE store–more than 300 people on line…ugh.  Sorry ladies, you won’t be getting Roombas for Christmas.


Next stop, Joann’s Fabrics.  For some reason, I’m always the SECOND person to arrive no matter how early I leave my house.  The Weird nice Pet Bed Lady always beats me!  Now it’s really important to be one of the first 3 people there as our local Joann’s Fabrics only has 3 shopping carts.  And there is no way you can carry your flannel bolts to the counter without a cart.

Now The Pet Bed Lady and I have an understanding…she gets all the fugly cat and dog flannel prints while all the boy and girl flannels are MINE.  I’m so nice, I even let her look at my sales flyer as she is a moron and I’m hoping I can divert her to the sales on the Notions Wall left her flyer at home.

The Pet Bed Lady and I both race to the back of the store where the flannel fabrics are kept.  Now, she “thinks” because she sells her crappy pet beds and donates the money to our local animal shelter that she is going to block me out of the thin isle with her shopping cart…think again.

I manage to wiggle my body in between her shopping cart and the flannel, scooping several bolts of fabric at a time (yes, working out at the gym with my personal trainer is finally paying off!).  But then I notice Pet Bed Lady is breaking the flannel rule and is going for MY BOY PRINTS!  That’s it…it’s FABRIC WAR!

I must do something as I see my 99 cents a yard fabric “score” going down the drain.  “Ugh…that’s ugly…no one is going to buy that fabric for their pet,” I blurt out.  She looks up at me and says, “Do you think?”  I make an ugly face and then she promptly puts the flannel back on the shelf.  I then distract her with a hideous cat print and lie like a car salesman tell her it will be her biggest seller this year.  While she’s cooing over the cat print, I quickly grab the boy print fabric bolt and run for the cutting counter before she realizes how I’ve tricked her.

I make it out of the store for under $100 (retail value $400) with a full loot of stabilizers, flannels and plastic thread storage cases.  Yippee!!!


Next Stop…Staples.  Easy?  Not really.  Staples was a bit of a disappointment this year.  I went to pick up one of these Samsung Color Laser printers for only $99:


Of course the jerk guy who I held open the door for got the last laser printer.  It probably would have been a foolish purchase for me as I have two professional Hewlett Packard commercial laser jet printers in my home…I just wanted something more compact.

But I did get a few flash drives for $9.99 each (originally $39.99)…score!


Unfortunately, Staples would only sell me ONE of the $9.99 (regularly $39.99) P-Touch Label Makers…I needed 21 of them for teacher gifts!  They were such a hit last year when I gave them out.  Everyone thought it was such a clever and useful gift.

Needless to say I was bummed…but not for long!

kmartlogo Over to K Mart I went to load up on Star Wars toys for my favorite little Jedis!  I overdid it a bit…over $400 worth.  All Star Wars toys were Buy One, Get One 50 percent off.  I also purchased a nice 20 inch flat panel LCD television for my daughter…only $199 (I saved over $100) and a $9.99 DVD player (originally $30).

All that shopping and I was back home by 8:30 am!  Whew!  I was thinking about venturing out to Target, but I am both physically and mentally exhausted!

Hope your Black Friday shopping was a success!



  1. Black Friday Sale…

    You can\’t have everything… where would you put it? – Steven Wright :o)…

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