Tackle It Tuesday – Week 3

Whew!  I finished last week’s Tackle-it-Tuesday projects:

The Dining Room Buffet:

buffet top

Inside Left Side of Buffet:


Inside Right Side of Buffet:

Buffet Right

Side of Buffet:

buffet side

The Dining Room Floor:

dining room floor

I ended up storing about 20 bottles of liquor in the dining room buffet, gave away a case of liquor to my beloved brother and ended up stacking the remaining bottles neatly in my garage.

BONUS:  So that my Thanksgiving’s Day guests would have a place to hang their coats, I completely reorganized the Front Hall Closet:

Front Hall Closet 

There’s now room on the hanging rod for at least 8 more coats.  All the hats, gloves and scarves are now organized in a drawer for each member of the family.  Just need to find my darn labelmaker so I can label the drawers:


Next up:

The Garden Room:

Garden Room Table

The Garden Room always becomes a dumping ground as soon as it starts to get cold.  I love to sit in my favorite chair and peruse my sewing magazines and books.  But I’ve got to have it straightened up by Wednesday night as Thanksgiving company usually sits out there between dinner courses.

Garden Room Desk:

Garden Room Desk

Garden Room Desk Drawer:

Garden Room Drawer

This may explain why there’s so much stuff on the desk…LOL!  Several of the desk drawers are EMPTY!

Also this week:

Holiday Decorations – On Sunday, my cleaning girl is coming over to earn an extra $100 help me get the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic.  Now you might not think this is a big deal…but I guess you haven’t seen my “collection”…LOL…it’s MASSIVE.  Wish me luck…lots of luck!

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom’s Tackle It Tuesday!  You’ll be glad you did!

With friendship,


Domestic Diva



  1. Very impressive! I wish I had your motivation, and your organizational skills!!!

  2. Great Tackle, I wish I had your buffet problem… the liquor never seems to collect around here…


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