Tackle it Tuesday – Week 2

Last week’s Tackle It Tuesday project:

Tackle it Tuesday – It’s About Time



Next up:

In preparation for Thanksgiving Dinner at our house, I need to drink like a lush to clear out all the leftover liquor from this Summer’s big BBQ which is currently lining the wall of my dining room.  I don’t have a liquor cabinet like my parents.  Can’t put the boxes in the attic as it’s stuffed with all the xmas decorations it gets too hot.  Can’t put them in the garage as it’s packed to the max with my industrial sewing machines and cutting tables it gets too cold.  Guess I’ll put it up on the top shelves of the playroom closets.  But first, I’ll have to empty those shelves…ugh!


Then there’s the obnoxious amount of serving pieces and other crap on and next to my dining room buffet which needs to disappear.  Otherwise, we’ll have nowhere to put the food.  That would mean having to empty out and reorganize the inside of the buffet itself.


To the right of the buffet:


Inside Left buffet cabinet:


Those expensive gold Crumpet & Cookie Caddies from Horchow’s are useless.  They were “supposed to” be fancy holders which attach to regular plates.  However, after several accidents, I no longer use them.

Oh, and you know you too had to have a Fondue set…admit it.  It is a germ cesspool.  Another useless gadget.

And why do manufacturers include those small glasses with every set you buy?  Again, useless.

Inside Right buffet cabinet:


Although I love the look of floating candles, mine always sink.  Also, haven’t used that $100 stroller bag as my son outgrew his stroller 3 years ago…

Wish me luck!




  1. gee, domesticdiva, where do you live? because i’m always happy to help anyone “dispose” of unwanted liquor, heehee…

    actually, i’m commenting because i have been meaning to tell you that i’m really enjoying your round-up of tutorials to go along with sew mama sew’s handmade hoildays. i will be returning to both of your sites for ideas for a long time to come!

  2. oh, and have you thought about repurposing those gold stands? i found a cool tutorial about making cake stands… maybe you could glue a pretty coordinating plate to the top as they do in the tutorial, and then you’d have a new cake platter or appetizer stand…

    here’s the link:

  3. My pleasure Miss Bittycakes (BTW…what’s a bittycake? LOL).

    Um…guess I didn’t show you where I store the cake stands, platters and “risers” (Christopher Lowell taught me all about “lifting” your food displays)…haha!

    With friendship,


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