Tackle It Tuesday…It’s About Time

That’s it…I’ve resisted long enough.  It’s time for me to jump in on 5 Minutes for Mom’s Tackle it Tuesday.

I spent the last two days desperately seeking one of my favorite graphic gals, Terrific Traci™ of Leeziebee.com…ends up she was not feeling well, so I finally took the plunge and did Mr. Diva’s 50th Birthday Party invitations all by myself.  Now this is a major accomplishment for me–I can’t open Paint Shop Pro without Traci’s assistance.  Here’s my feeble attempt at party invitations:


I was even able to create a ZIP file and email it to my local print shop without any disasters!  DONE!

Next up, I organized both my and Mr. Diva’s™ disheveled sock drawers.  DONE!  That man has more socks than me…he’s starting to worry me…KWIM?


oh look!  I still have room for new socks!  Notice my very limited color choice…white, beige, brown and black.  And I always buy the same brand, so if I lose a sock it doesn’t matter…brilliant!


Well…this brings me to what I must tackle this week…the dreaded packing of the Halloween decorations….ugh!  Yes, that’s an actual portrait of my son hanging on the wall…only 5 weeks old at the time!


Mr. Robovac (my handy dandy robotic vacuum) is enjoying the company…


There’s even more Halloween pumpkins and tombstones outside my front door.  And I MUST finish it this week as I need to then get out the massive amount of Christmas decorations.  That should keep me busy!

Now go tackle some of your own disasters!




  1. Your invitations made me laugh! Awesome!

  2. thanks Esther!


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