Sewing Books…My 100th Post

Coming Soon

Look who’s coming out with a new Baby Sewing book:

Amy Butler’s Sew Baby is due out September 2008.  Can’t wait to see this one!

Seems Singer is busy with several new books:


Singer’s Sewing with your Serger due out April 2008.


Simple Singer:  Decorative Machine Stitching due out February 2008.

I prefer to Reader Digest sewing books to the Singers…and they have a new one coming out in January:


Reader’s Digest Quick & Easy Home Sewing Projects.

This one cracks me up…and it comes out on St. Patrick’s Day…how fitting…LOL


Sip ‘n Sew…due out March 17, 2008.

I’m looking forward to this one…


Oh Sew Easy Life Style:  20 Projects to Make to Make Your Home Your Own by Valori Wells and Carolyn Spencer due out February 2008.

Another cute concept…sewing and baking in one book:


Sew Easy as Pie by Chris Malone due out February 2008.

Here’s another interesting one:

Make Your Own Clothes:  20 Custom Fit Patterns to Sew by Marie Clayton due out February 2008.

Editor writes:  With Make Your Own Clothes, creating custom-fit garments has never been so easy. Learn how to lay out the pattern pieces, transfer markings onto fabric, and create classic and contemporary styles with confidence.

Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photography for key stages with handy technique reference numbers.

All the patterns featured in the book are included in the accompanying PatternMaker CD. With this disk, simply enter your own measurements and the software generates a pattern made to fit your body. These can also be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit.

Lastly, useful reference flaps fold out with information for pattern symbols and basic hand and machine stitches. Regardless of your skill level, this easy-going collection will appeal to both novices and seasoned experts.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve found most of these “easy” pattern books to be disappointing.  Not to mention the whole concept of adding your measurements and poof…instant perfect pattern…we’ll see.

Now this one might or might not be of interest to all my friends over at Fashion Incubator:


More Dress Pattern Designing by Natalie Bray…looks interesting to me, but I’m no pattern maker.  Hardcover available January 2008.

I don’t particularly care for Claire Shaeffer, but some of you might:


Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide due out June 2008.  It’s an updated version of her previous book and is a whopping 504 pages.

And for those that love to work on blanks:


Complete Embellishing by Kayte Terry due out June 2008.

Ooooh…I’ve already added this one to my Christmas Wish List:

Carr & Latham’s Technology of Clothing Manufacture by David Tyler due out May 2008.

and this one:


Introduction to Clothing Manufacture by Gerry Cooklin.  Wondering why I haven’t seen this one before…hmmm.

For those that love to sew bags:


Sew Many Bags, Sew Little Time by Sally Southern due out April 2008.

This looks interesting.  However, it’s only 48 pages…what’s up with that?


Take-Along Totes:  Mix & Match Your Way to Creative Organization by Marilynn Bilyeu due out March 2008.

Since I haven’t had much success with Silk Ribbon Embroidery by hand, perhaps this is more up my alley:


Simply Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Machine by Susan Schrempf due out March 2008.

This looks like a nice home decor sewing book with a bunch of quick weekend projects:


Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy due out March 2008.

A new 320 page reference book…


Ultimate Sewing Bible:  A Complete Reference Guide to Mastering the Art of Sewing by Marie Clayton due out April 2008.

Then there’s the Ultimate A to Z Companion to 1,001 Needlecraft Terms:  Applique, Crochet, Embroidery, Knitting, Quilting, Sewing by Marie Clayton due out in January 2008.  That’s a lot of stuff to include in one book.  But it seems impossible to have that much information within its 192 pages, but I could be wrong (which isn’t often).  Editor description:

Not sure what a particular word or instruction means in your sewing, knitting, or crochet pattern? Forgotten how to do that attractive embroidery stitch? Here is the ultimate A to Z guide to more than 1,001 terms used in these needlecrafts. This comprehensive reference book brims with definitions for applique, crochet, embroidery, knitting, quilting, and sewing.

Each entry provides a thorough definition for each of its applicable crafts, while terms are cross-referenced to their US or UK alternatives where appropriate. Furthermore, many of the techniques are not only described, but illustrated with sequences of the stitches needed to do them, using clear step-by-step diagrams.

From crafting enthusiasts to industry professionals, needlecrafters of all skill levels will turn to this invaluable reference tool time and time again.

I keep telling myself someday I’ll learn how to smock as I drool every single time I see a little girl’s smocked dress…


Designer Smocking for Tots to Teens by Helen Davies due out January 2008.

And yet another thing I’d love to learn…Wool Felting:


Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects by Betz White due out in January 2008.

This one is due out at the end of the month:


S.E.W. – Sewing Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp.  Editor’s description:

A lively how to and why to sew tutorial that marries attitude and instruction while teaching everything you need to know:

  • How to find the right machine, and become one with it
  • Essential skills, from winding a bobbin to sewing a dart to customizing a pattern
  • Preparing a workspace
  • The Ten Fabric Commandments
  • Laying out and cutting patterns
  • With step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs and illustrations throughout

The Projects

  • Cuddle-Up Cardigan
  • Tender is the Nightie
  • Foxy Boxers
  • Canine Couture Coat
  • Cape Mod
  • Power Tie
  • Tokyo Tie Bag
  • Lucky Scrap Scarf
  • Naughty Secretary Skirt
  • Founcy Tank Top
  • Knockout Knickers
  • And more!

The Patterns Includes ten original patterns—an $80.00 retail value—rated from One Spool (easy) to Three Spools (advanced Beginner) and designed to build skills.

Just Published


My Style My Place by Allyce King and Nicole Thieret contains a bonus CD with 20 urban-trendy designs.  Editor’s description:

Features colorful hand-drawn graphics, and a witty and conversational writing style.

Me and My Place is for the young and hip, and the young and hip at heart. With humorous stories, easy-to-follow instructions and serious support for creativity and individuality, this book understands youthful sewers, and empowers today’s younger sewers to create projects that fit their personality using sewing and embroidery machines. Readers will discover instructions for more than 30 quick do-it-yourself projects for the wardrobe and the home that the authors deem useful and completely not tacky. Sewers will undoubtedly discover new avenues for expressing their personality in this book.

That’s all for now!  Go enjoy your weekend!



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