Assembly Line Sewing, More Baby Gifts and a Halloween Trick…


House on the Hill mentioned assembly line sewing the other day.  Thought I’d share the method I’ve been using for quite some time now as it is a major time saver.

Here’s how I do it when making a button down shirt:

  • Fold fabric selvage to selvage.
  • Layer additional fabrics on top of each other (up to 6 different fabrics) lining them all up at the folded edge (non-selvage edge).
  • Lay pattern pieces out.
  • Trace pattern pieces onto top fabric with a contrasting Sharpie™ marker (it won’t soak through to the bottom layer, so no worry about ruining your cutting surface).
  • Remove pattern pieces.
  • Cut out pattern using either a manual or electric rotary cutterNote:  I usually will trace and cut the largest size first.  I pull 2 of them off the pile (my largest size) and  then trace/cut the next size down.  Pull another 2 off the pile and so forth until I’m left with my smallest size.
  • Repeat cutting sequence for Interfacings.
  • Interface necessary pattern pieces (collars and facings).
  • Embroider any pieces necessary.
  • Sew all small pieces (collars, pockets, tabs and cuffs).
  • Topstitch small pieces.
  • Put small pieces aside.
  • Sew shoulder seams and topstitch.
  • Attach small pieces (collars, pockets and tabs).
  • Attach sleeves and topstitch.
  • Sew side seams.
  • Hem.

Presto…multiple items!

Baby Gift Complete

Embroidered some more baby boy bibs.


Several of the bibs are “tax” themed as Mr. Diva™ is Little Jake’s parents’ CPA…haha!


Done!  2 Minky blankets, 9 bibs, 8 burp cloths and of course, a Yankee bottle!  I had wanted to embroidery a few onesies, but finally decided to end this insanity and move onto the next 3 baby gifts I need to do.


Happy Halloween

Wishing you lots of candy!


Ok…now I’m craving Caramel Apples.  Unfortunately, Capt N Crunch with Crunch Berries will have to suffice…drats!  Well, at least I found the original Crunch Berries this week…not the stupid pirate shaped ones they’ve been selling lately.


Speaking of Halloween…I was clever this year and purchased Glow Light Bracelets for the little Trick or Treaters and the rotten teenagers who ring my bell at 9pm.  Note to self:  Be smarter than your neighbors once again this year and make sure you take care of the teenagers…they will smash your pumpkins all over your sidewalk if you don’t (not to mention, wrap toilet paper all around your shrubs and steal your Halloween display of tombstones and cleavers if you run out of treats).

I’ve resisted purchasing Halloween candy as I usually have to restock several times before the Trick or Treaters arrive as I will eat it all if left around.  I’ll go get some candy right before they show up at my doorstep.


oh and I made a Scary Hand Bowl to terrorize the greedy children…




  1. I’ve never been able to master the button-up-collared-shirt. Granted, I’ve only tried a handful of times, but each one was horrific so I think I may have given up for good. There are just some things we were never meant to do.

    The baby stuff is adorable! Babies are so much fun.

    Now, how can we work that assembly-line solution into knitting…..?

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