Sew Make-Believe Sunday Shopping…

Figured while Mr. Diva™ enjoys a lovely morning (which turns into an afternoon) of Bowling with his buddies, I’d do a little shopping for everyone…

Enter my fantasy world…

Everyone needs one of these, if only to poke your significant other in the eye:


Sterling Silver Awl with Adjustable Slide

This is such a cool tool…a Measuregraph–it measures how many yards of fabric are on the bolt without unrolling it:


Vintage Measuregraph on Ebay

Another Vintage Bakelite Measuregraph

Now this is one handy apparatus…a Tailor’s Tackmaster.  In order to mark 2 pieces of material, it is usual to tack the 2 pieces together by hand and then to cut the thread between them. This is tedious work.  Luckily, the Tailor’s Tackmaster permits rapid execution of this work.


Vintage Tailor’s Tackmaster

Could someone please tell me why the current bid on this Tell City Chair Co. Sewing Station is at $266?  Yes, it’s cute, but?


Vintage Tell City Chair Co. Sewing Station

Now here’s an awesome blue sewing caddy filled with notions (including a pair of Vintage Wiss Scissors).  I’m sure my buddy, Amy of Love My April, would just love it for her new blue sewing room:

Vintage Blue Sewing Caddy

Vintage Blue Sewing Caddy with Notions

Even though I don’t knit, perhaps my friend, Jen of Olive’s Pearls, might like these.  Yes, I know they are not Ebony with Hand Cultured Pearls, but they’ll have to suffice:


Vintage Tortoise Shell Knitting Needles

Check this out…a Vintage Plaiter.  With the help of a hot iron this plaiter allows the user to make box, oak leaf, rose, ruffle, flute, princess and other pleats.  Wonder why they just didn’t call it a PLEATER?  Guess that would make too much sense.


Vintage Simplicity Plaiter

If you make collared shirts, this is a must–a Dritz June Tailor’s Folding Tailor Board.  New, they go for about $30…this one on Ebay is a steal:


Vintage Tailor’s Board

Another Vintage Tailor’s Board

Ooooh….look at this wire dress form!  It’s not vintage, but it’s SWEET!


60″ Wire Dress Form

Here’s a lovely adjustable wire dress form:


Adjustable Wire Dress Form

Ok, don’t laugh…but I am so jonesing for a real steam press…only problem is this would require an expensive boiler set-up (much like your local dry cleaners).  This would surely send Mr. Diva into a tizzy if this showed up at my door:


Commercial Steam Press

Anyone need their own little sweatshop?  Heck, it’s only $47,000:


Complete Sewing Business

I’ve never seen one of these…a 4 row Ruffler!  It’s killing me as it’s located just 10 minutes from me…ugh!


Attach 4 rows of Ruffles at a time!

How cute is this?


Vintage Portable Featherlite PINK Sewing Machine

Oh my goodness…ain’t she a beauty?!


Sewmore Vintage PINK and Gray Sewing Machine

Since I’m on a tatting DIET, it’s all yours:


Vintage Blue Tatting

As always, feel free to buy me any of these wonderful goodies…I’ll even pay shipping.  And if you do buy them for yourself you selfish brat, don’t you dare tell me.

Happy Sewing Sunday!




  1. You always have the most interesting stuff on your blog. I want the first dress form and the pink sewing machine. Also, the thing-a-ma-bob that measures how much fabric is left on a bolt is fabulous. Didn’t even know that existed.

  2. I’m liking the thing to poke out significant other’s eye’s. Thats nice.

  3. I had a feeling you would Eileen–it’s right up your alley…LOL

  4. What a wonderful assortment! I swear I need the sweatshop for Christmas. Do children come with it, or are they sold separately?

  5. Tell ya what…you buy the sweatshop and I’ll throw in my kids for free…

    Sounds like a plan…

  6. How much did you get for your Pink Featehrlite sewing machine? I have one and am trying to figure out how to price. Thanks, Eirca

  7. Sorry! I hit enter and realized I miss typed my email address.

  8. Correction on the email address…

  9. hi id just like to know where you got your pink Sewmore Vintage sewing machine. Ive been looking for a nice hot pink sewing machine You have any suggestions???
    Thank you;)

  10. Who makes the little pink Featherlite sewing machine ? I love it and would like to know more information about it. . I think my Aunt had a black one.

  11. Betty: here’s some info about the machines:
    and they have one for sale here:

    Hope that helps!

    With friendship,

  12. Hi there:

    Such a cute blog. I pinned your image (and gave you credit) of the pink sewing machine. Just too cute.

  13. Betty, I have been trying to find out more about the featherlite sewing machine too. I have a lavender one. The only thing I know is that the foot controller was made by Matsushita Electric. Is the machine your aunt has a featherlite? I wonder if she has the instructions that came with it. I have started a Yahoo Group – featherlites vintage featherlite sewing machines to share information on the machine. I believe it was sold during the late 1970s or early 1980s – apparently under different labels – featherlite, flower to name two.

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