Real and Imaginary Sewaholic Shopping plus some more Baby Gifts

Just fine…you can all stop whispering behind my back after my CAT confession the other day…ok…I like kittens, but that’s as far as I’ll go.


But not to worry, everything is good in my world–Jesse Metcalfe is making an appearance on Desperate Housewives next week!  Not to mention, I found 4 new baby Koi in my pond this morning…YIPPEE!!!!

Anyway, onto the shopping…

Feeding my Fabric Addiction

Another blogger had to mention the sale at Joann’s Fabrics this weekend.  As much as I tried to resist the urge, by Sunday afternoon I gave into my fabric addiction.  Honestly, I haven’t been to Joann’s in at least a month, if not more.  I used to visit Joann’s at least once a week.  Now  I buy most of my fabric up in Manhattan’s Fashion District.  Joann’s no longer holds the appeal it once did–Manhattan puts it to shame.  But there I was…

At $2 a yard, I bought a bunch of flannels for the 40 pair of lounge pants I’ll make for the kids on my Christmas list again this holiday.  Some PINK fabric for Marielle’s room redo (after I’ve spent a wad of cash to paint and accessorize the child’s room in Lavender, she now decides she wants hot PINK and Zebra…ugh):



Then some knits and denims for my boys’ clothing line…


And of course, I couldn’t pass up the 50% off on all threads:


At Sally’s

That’s what my Dad calls the Salvation Army…LOL!  Check out this sheet set I found:


Good Mail

Fabric I ordered in the beginning of July from one of the Yahoo coops FINALLY showed up in my mailbox:


Window Shopping on Ebay

Now onto the Imaginary Shopping (again, feel free to purchase me any of the following items):

This 1940s Lace Tablecloth is a beauty.  It took First Prize in the 1942 New Jersey State Fair!


Vintage Tatted Doily


Vintage Netted Bedspread…Oh My!!!


This beautiful 1930s PINK Needlerun Collar could easily be incorporated into a little girl’s wrap shirt:


What about some PINK cotton pintucks with lace insets?


I am drooling over this Vintage PINK Kenmore Sewing Machine.  It has an unusual elongated bobbin:


An even better find is this Vintage PINK Atlas Sewing Machine:


How precious–Vintage Silk Baby Shoes Pincushions:


WOW!  Look at this exquisite Tambour Net Lace:


The Never Ending Baby Gifts

Why is it taking me so long to finish these darn baby gifts?  Well, could be because I’ve messed up the embroidery several times and I am less than pleased with the way some of them came out.

I did manage to finish these embroidery burp cloths:


I was also able to whip up two snuggly baby blankets (I didn’t dare try to embroider these…LOL):


Think I’ll make at least 3 onesies and 3 bibs to go with the above baby gifts.  I’ve already created all the embroideries, but need to stitch them all out.


Still at the beginning stage is the blue silk dupioni baby jacket (pictured in a floral print on the cover of the book below) to match the Silk Baby Bottoms.  I’m having second thoughts about this pattern as the collar seems wrong.  I got the pattern from the Baby Couture book (and no, I don’t recommend buying this book–it’s one of the worst I’ve seen for children’s garment construction).

babycouture thumbsdown2

And finally…I need to finish the waist on this PINK pettiskirt (which matches one of the hand beaded onesies I made.  Got to see if I can find any pink silk in my stash:


Hope your day is marvelous!!!




  1. girlfromthenorthcountry says:

    Thanks so much for your praise about the dress I am making (finished last night!). I, too, have a fabric addiction, but I am moving to California in January, so I sadly had to sell much of it at a garage sale. I still kept more than I should have. And that first pink sewing machine is making me covet. I want that. Not because I need it. Because I want a pink sewing machine. Wouldn’t that look neat just as a conversation piece in one’s home? :).

    Enjoy using all that fabric.

  2. I haven’t got to the level of fabric addiction, but probably not far behind. I purchased enough fabric to have basic pieces to my wardrobe. Purchasing fabric online isn’t a bad thing particularly when you know what you have in mind. Fabric Mart has a $4.99 sale on wool, and purchased eight yards to make a pair of pants and a skirt. Now I am going to have some fabric still left over, so I am thinking about shell or a hat. Good luck on your holiday sewing.

  3. Those pink sewing machines are so cool. I collect vintage and antique sewing machines but have no room to display them. LOL!
    Good luck on finishing your projects. Thanks for the inspiration for Christmas gifts. Happy Stitching!

  4. Oh, totally OT but your Baby Couture review reminded me of this very cool new magazine that I got at a trade show…you would probably likey.

    You can find it here…

  5. is that pink atlas for sale?

  6. I have one of those Atlas machines like the picture on your site. Do you know how I can determine the age and the value?


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