Seven Things about Me


Kim of The Darwin Exception send me an anniversary present:  a Seven Things about Me Meme…um, thanks?

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

7 Facts about Lisa:

1.   Tried as I might for 3 months, I couldn’t figure out how in the world to use a Sidekick phone and had it shut off…happily returning to my basic cell phone.

2. I dislike cats…actually I HATE CATS.  It’s probably my former neighbor’s fault, the Cat Lady.  She used to talk me into feeding the neighborhood stray cats for her when she would take her Summer vacations.  And yes, canned cat food…OMG…the thought of it makes me want to vomit.  And the other reason is they tend to mess with my Koi fish…I constantly find stray cats in my yard peering over into my pond…and you can see me with the broom chasing them out like a mad woman.  Then there’s the cat litter…I’m not even going to go there.

3.  I don’t freeze meat or much of anything for that fact.  Everything has got to be fresh.  The idea of freezing steaks kind of grosses me out…and don’t even get me started on microwaving meat.

4.  I’ve never had a mammogram (I’m 44 years old), nor am I planning to anytime soon.  Most of my friends who’ve had breast cancer are in heaven now–and the few who have survived had to undergo disfiguring surgeries.  No comments from the peanut gallery, please. 

5.  I’ve had all my teeth capped three times and my gums cut….mostly for vanity reasons.  And to think in just 10 short years, I’ll do it again.

6.  I have this “excess” mentality….it effects all areas of my life:  too much Tupperware, too many Christmas lights (44,000!!!), too many guests at my parties (one year I managed to fit 260 people in my house for one of Marielle’s Liver Transplant Anniversaries/St. Patrick’s Day parties), too much food, too many flowers planted (my gardener will be able to send his kids to college with just my landscaping bill), too much fabric…and the list goes on.  I seem to see everything on a grand scale…simple and sparse are not part of my vocabulary.  Unfortunately, this type of thinking causes me unnecessary stress, money and time.  I just don’t know how to do things small.

7.  I rarely retrieve my phone messages on my home phone and have NEVER retrieved the messages left for me on my cell phone (I have 147 messages waiting to be heard…ha ha).  Most people know if they want to get in touch with me, they’ll have to keep trying my home phone. 

Tag 7 Friends:

1. Sheree of Sheree’s Alchemy

2. Jen of Olive’s Pearls

3. Becca of Bren and Company

4. Amy of Love My April

5. Tracey of Praise Garments

6. Eileen of Whimsy Portraits

7. April of Momosclothes




  1. You are forcing me to reveal to people what a geek I am? Drats!

    That opening pictured cracked me up. You come up with the funniest things.

    I’ll get something up today…these things are always hard for me. 🙂

  2. Oops! Perhaps I should have read your very clear and easy-to- follow instructions before responding. But just like with my sewing, I will correct my mistakes. This evening I will edit my post and tag seven others. Perhaps not reading the instructions first could be the reason for many of my sewing mishaps too. LOL.

    BTW, five of your seven could have been written by me. I haven’t had my teeth capped three times, but they have been capped once (I have started getting dental implants) and my gums have been cut for bone graffing (sp?).

  3. LOL:), I am going to post mine this weekend, I loved reading your seven facts…you are a gem:)


  4. Thanks for the tag…my first ever!
    Here’s my 7..


  5. Oh I’m a slacker. I just finally got down to this! Sorry girlfriend.

    I’ll post tomorrow!!!



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