Bits and Pieces of a Handmade Halloween…


Literally!  One of the Halloween ceramics I made years back (when I still had fine motor skills and didn’t require eyeglasses to see details…LOL) was found in one of the many decoration boxes all smashed to pieces…

But luckily, I still have all of these…








halloskel halloween3



I’m glad I worked hard making all this stuff back then, because I no longer have the patience or the time to do this type of craft.  I still have all of my ceramic painting supplies…most of the paints are starting to dry up, just like my interest in making these types of things.  I keep telling myself I’ll finish painting the huge 5 piece Christmas Caroler family (they are all between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 feet each!!!), but every year goes by and no carolers…maybe this year will be different…maybe not…LOL




  1. Oh wow! You just brought back memories. I used to do ceramics too but my hands have become so unsteady, I’m not sure I could do it anymore!! I gave away nearly everything I made because I didn’t have room in the little house with my hyperactive offspring so I haven’t even thought about painting in years. I think I miss it! :-O

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