Back when Sequin Fabric was all the Rage…



16 years ago, I got hitched…



My bride’s maids wore strapless sweetheart necklines and high slits up the front of their of their custom jade green sequined gowns.  They were some of the hottest bride’s maids in town…each one could have passed for a Barbie doll.


Did I mention the jade sequin dresses literally fell apart when the girls started to dance?  Yep, their heels were tangled in sequins.  We had to take the custom dressmaker (crook with a sewing machine) to Small Claims Court.  We won and got to keep the dresses (heck, I still have these dresses in my fabric stash as if jade green sequins are coming back in style anytime soon).

Back then I had a serious addiction to Alencon Lace (and still do)…



Mr. Diva™ put his hands up my wedding dress in an effort to get hold of my garter…only to find a pair of men’s leopard underwear…haha (it was a joke, but you should have seen his mother’s face).



Not only did we have a ridiculous 7 tier vanilla buttercream wedding cake, we also had a 3 tier chocolate groom’s cake!




Little did Mr. Diva™ get my meaning behind our wedding song (Soul Provider by Michael Bolton).  Umm SOLE PROVIDER…silly!


So, you’d think we’d be celebrating today…but no…


Mr. Diva™ and friends are enjoying a two day vacation from their wives playing in a Poker tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey…lovely, just lovely.

But that’s ok…I’ve been compensated for my troubles:




Mr. Diva’s™ secretary had a 3 foot flower arrangement sent to me…and it seems no matter how many times I tell her I HATE YELLOW FLOWERS, she forgets.





Since I couldn’t decide on whether to get the black or brown Coach boots, Mr. Diva™ bought me BOTH…YIPPEE!!!



Mr. Diva™ doesn’t know it yet, but he also bought me these lovely 2 foot statues for my garden….THANKS HONEY!




Saturday night he’s taking me to our favorite restaurant, The Palm in NYC for some filet mignon and homemade mashed potatoes!


saks Then we’re going shopping in Uptown Manhattan….



On Sunday, I’m going to be walking in the Muscular Dystrophy Walk with Little Diva™ and friends…wish me luck!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!




  1. Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more and enjoy life in between.

  2. Dang! I’m lucky if I get a card and a lunch at the Chinese buffet for my anniversary! Of course, most of the time I forget when it is – I think it’s in December sometime, but no worry – I keep a copy of our marriage certificate behind one of the 8 X 10’s of the kids so I can refer to it when I think it’s getting close – and remind myself of the exact day. But only if I’m really hungry for Chinese food.

    But sounds like you had a great one! Happy Anniversary. Oh – and I got you this:


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