The Sewing Rat Race…


Ugh…why does it always seem like I’m playing sewing catch-up?

Just when I’m trying to finish up several Baby Gifts, someone adds another baby or TWO to the mix.  People, stop having babies!!!  So now, not only do I have to finish the pink pettiskirt (to match the pink hand-beaded onesie), the blue silk dupioni jacket (to match the silk baby bottoms) and a basket full of baby boy stuff, I have to sew up more baby gifts for the latest additions.

I’m supposed to have finished my three crafty bulletin boards by this morning as I’m in charge of the crafts in one of my SWAP groups.  I’ve picked out the fabric, but need to make a bunch of pockets to sew onto the fabric before attaching them to the bulletin boards.  I’m trying to think up a clever applique which reads, “The Domestic Diva,” on these three bulletin boards.  I’ve wasted a whole afternoon playing around with my embroidery font software and came up with absolutely nothing.

Saturday, while at one of my son’s classmates’ birthday parties, the mothers were discussing the latest First Grade project.  In honor of All Saints’ Day, my son’s has to come in costume as a saint–he’ll be St. Joseph (as that’s his name…well, not the “Saint” part).  The mothers suggested taking the Kindergarten Graduation robe (which is white) and dying it brown.  Sounds simply enough–only problem is I have no idea where the darn gown is.  So this now means I have to sew up a brown robe, not to mention a white under garment to complete the costume.  While this is pretty simple, it’s just another thing to add to my never-ending sewing project list.  And I’ll bet I don’t have the right brown and white fabric…unless my son doesn’t mind polka dots!  While perusing the web, I came across this costume site.  Perhaps I should go into the Catholic Children’s Costume business…they seem to be overloaded with orders…ROTFL!

Then there’s the Halloween potpourri sachets I had wanted to sew up for gifts (I’ve already ironed the Halloween polka dot fabric), but at this rate, they’ll be ready by Christmas.


Speaking of Halloween, I’m sure my 14-year-old daughter will require some last minute costume which will necessitate an all-nighter in the sewing room on Halloween Eve…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed she’ll settle for another cheesy store-bought Halloween costume like last year.  Speaking of costume, Etsy is sponsoring a Costume Contest with $2,000 in prizes.

I also want to get started on some shabby chic Christmas stockings.  But first I’ll have to do some monogrammed leopard bath towels for my beloved sister-in-law which I’ve been promising her for two years now.  And then there the 40 pair of lounge pants I need to cut and sew up for Christmas presents (son, daughter, nephew and niece each get 10 pairs every Winter)…but of course, my Socialite Sister™ needs to insist on “ruffles” on my niece’s 10 pants…ugh, ugh, ugh…I hate doing ruffles.


With all this to do, what possessed me to list 7 custom Downtown Joey boys’ sets on Etsy?

Oh and did I mention my sewing room is a complete disaster? I have no less than 60 yards of new fabric to be serged, washed, folded and put away.   Too many projects are cluttering my work table (and the floors).  Think I’ll have do to another Clean Sweep and then focus on one sewing project at a time.  Wish me luck!

Hope your Monday is off to a better start than mine!




  1. Sounds like you might be a little busy for the next couple of days or so. LOL. I finally have a brand new baby to sew for too. My son’s best friend and his wife just had a baby girl yesterday. I know I will be making the luxurious silk pants you posted several days ago, but I was wondering if you have any other suggestions you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks.

  2. I’m exhausted just reading it. It sounds like you have a hard time saying no. Moms tend to do that. I rarely say no too. I’m working on saying maybe though. 🙂

  3. Tracey…next day’s post is all yours…LOL

    Hey Beth…long time no see! Ain’t that the truth? We can never say no…ugh!

    With friendship,

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