Sewing Pattern Video and CDs

Vintage Video

Here’s a vintage video about how sewing changed a dull girl into a fashion maven:


Children’s Patterns on CD

Came across these neat children’s patterns on CD from Leko.  At only $12.99 each, you get between 20 and 33 patterns–definitely a great buy.

You choose the pattern, input the child’s measurements and print patterns that fit!



Leko’s Children’s Sewing Patterns CD #7



Leko’s Children’s Sewing Patterns CD #29



Leko’s Children’s Sewing Patterns CD #35

Costume Patterns

Need a Halloween Costume?

costume1 has over 380 different patterns from all the major sewing pattern companies for adults and children.




  1. Do you happen to know if those CDs would include both children’s and toddlers, or just one or the other?

    Thank you.


  2. Melinda…not sure, but I’m guessing both as the patterns generated are based on the measurements you input. You could ask them over at — they are the ones who sells these and would probably know.


    With friendship,

  3. I have several of the LEKO patterns. The patterns print out well; there are a few drawbacks.
    1. The directions are very brief and use “interesting” translations for sewing terms. An example was coulisse. From the French, it translates slide. It refers to a casing for elastic or drawstrings.
    2. Much of the wording on the CD itself is in Cyrillic/Russian (?) so content is incomplete.
    3. I have attempted to contact Vilar-Leko for help with the above issues. Let it be said they are not retail customer-oriented. After three tries by e-mail and the above-mentioned company, I’ve given up.
    4. The best way to construct the garment is to use your “printscreen”>”paint”>save functions for the technical drawing, schematics print, and the pattern layout for assembly.
    5. The sewer with a fair grasp of garment construction will do ok with these. I’ve done several from the sample women’s disk, #7-childen’s wear, #18-menswear, #19-sportwear, and #20-girlswear. The garments are a reasonable fit, although the arm length has to be severly adjusted if the garment is for anyone over 5′ 10″. I had to shorten the sleeve for an anorak by 5″ using the pattern as printed. You cannot do this through the program.
    Occasionally, they are offered at a small discount. THEY DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURN!

  4. A big thanks Emily for your detailed post! I appreciate your review!

    With friendship,

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