Gotta love Ebay…

Feeding My Fabric Addiction

Won over 20 yards of fabric –






Credit Cards


and some Star Wars for my child who truly believes he is from another world.

and check this out…got this for the Little Domestic Diva™…she’s all about PINK like her Mother…LOL


I really should have bought the set for me…but seems you always put your children first…KWIM?

Lusting Over

Things I want, but haven’t brought myself to splurge just yet:


Pink Enamelware Utensil Caddy


Pink Enamelware Bath Caddy


Pink Enamelware Lunch Pail

I have one like this which I had bought at HomeGoods to use as a sewing box.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay closed…ugh

pink lunchbox

Pink Enamelware Lunchbox

How cool is this?  A pink magnet board!


Pink Enamelware Magnet Board


Pink Enamelware Scrapbook Album

Hope your weekend is off to a great start…




  1. You did some shopping! Love that pink lunchbox–way too cute!

  2. Just a hello from a fellow fabric addict. We have a lot of the same taste… my blog layout is the same as yours and I have a bunch of the same links in my blogroll.

    Great idea for the lunchbox as sewing basket. I don’t like most of the baskets I’ve seen so now I know where else to look.

    I’m enjoying your blog.

  3. Love your blog. I just added you to my blogroll.
    I am a fellow Ebayer….and well, I am a Ebay Addict…
    I love pink as well and My daughters favorite colors are Pink first and then purple….I just might have to show her this post….

  4. Nice to meet you Suprina!

    I see we both:
    Hate Sushi
    Are Geminis
    Love White Chocolate
    and a bunch more! LOL

    With friendship,

  5. pink everything!!! love,love love it…you are tooo much!
    Wonderful too get to know you! Jennifer

  6. Hey Jennifer! I’ve added your awesome blog to my blog links. Crossing my fingers in hopes of winning your new basics! LOL

    With friendship,

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