Not in the Mood Fabric…


This Summer I finally made it over to Mood Fabric in NYC with my Ebay friends, Lady M™ aka Myrinda of Sweet*Girl*Boutique and Jessica of Little Lambs Lane.  All the hype generated from Project Runway had us curious as to what we were missing.

I’ve been on many fabric shopping adventures in the Fabric District, but for some reason, never ventured into Mood Fabric.


I figured I would finally score the coolest cotton interlock knit prints…but no–only solid colors–most started at $7 a yard–some were at much at $15!  I could find most of the stuff for much less in the fabric shops along West 38th and West 39th Streets. We did find plenty of thin printed jersey knits….BUT most were overpriced.  Needless to say, we were a bit disappointed.

laura_bennett180 We left defeated, but at least we could say we’d been there–done that…LOL.  As we walked down the street, I spot Laura Bennett of Project Runway.  I said, “Hi Laura!” to which she smiled, thinking for a moment if she knew me and said, “Hi!”  Myrinda just stood there with her mouth open.  Now if you know Myrinda, you’d know this was a rare occurrence…LOL!




  1. Hey-my ears were burning 😉
    I am still speechless when I think about it Lisa!!!


  2. LOL Lady M™…what a rare event!

    With friendship,

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