Sewing for a new baby…

Calling it a night…

I’m preparation for tomorrow’s Baby Shower, here’s what I accomplished for Baby Mae today:

3 Embroidered Bibs


11 Headbands


1 Diaper Cover with Frayed Roses


1 Hand Beaded & Dyed Onesie and Silk Dupioni Pants


Another Hand Beaded & Dyed Onesie


Appliqued Onesie and Matching Pettiskirt


and 3 Monogrammed Burp Cloths


I wasn’t able to finish the silk jacket (which matches the pants) or the pink pettiskirt (which matches the pink onesie).  I’ll have to work on them this week.

Mr. Diva’s friend had a baby boy…so guess what I’ll be doing AGAIN this week?  ugh!




  1. I love your stuff!!!

    Those baby items are wonderful. The canvas bags are so cute…what a great gift idea.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Your projects are all really beautiful and so nicely done. I love the onesie with the applique!

  3. Everything looks fabulous!! What beautiful gifts 🙂

  4. gorgeous. love the silk pants/onesie. I might have to get off my duff and do that for baby M.


  5. I can hardly wait to see what you will do for a baby boy.

  6. You were a busy bee and eveything came out great!!! Can’t wait to see the baby boy items.

  7. Awww…thanks for the compliments, girls.

    Eileen…I’ll tell you what…you make the pants and I’ll make you a matching hand beaded onesie…I owe you a baby gift, so just tell me what size you want and give me about 3 weeks…it’s time consuming…LOL. I usually sit in the car and handstitch while waiting for the kids to come out of school.

    With friendship,

  8. I love these gifts, what nice things to give someone for they’re new little one! Beautiful! Em

  9. oops… I meant “their” – so I can’t type tonight! Em

  10. I’m searching frantically for the shabby frayed roses…can you give me a clue as to where to find them?? I’d be forever grateful!!

  11. thanks girls!

    Hey Jenna…

    I bought yards of them last year. Two friends picked them up for me as I,
    too, was hopelessly searching for them. One friend found them at Hobby
    Lobby (better quality and more pricey) and the other friend found them at
    Walmart in the clearance section…go figure…LOL.


    With friendship,


  1. […] when I’m trying to finish up several Baby Gifts, someone adds another baby or TWO to the mix.  People, stop having babies!!!  So now, not […]

  2. […] Project:  I started this silk baby jacket back in September 2007…umm, that’s 4 years ago to match the silk baby bottoms. […]

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