Z is for…


There are two types of zippers…LOL.  The one you use as a closure and then the one you use for amusement…



Oh my…this is one of the most beautiful zippers I’ve ever seen.  It’s for sale:

Deep Indigo on Etsy 

Zipper Tutorials:

Twelve22’s Zipper Tutorial

A Collection of Zipper Tutorials from Needlepointers

Gorgeous Things’ Centered Zipper Tutorial

Green Kitchen’s Tutorial on Sew Mama Sew

Thread Magazine’s Zipper Tutorial

How to Shorten a Zipper

Sewing Zippers in Bags

iSew Zippy Zips Tutorial

About.com’s Zippered Back Pillow Instructions

Check out what this designer did with Zippers!  Amazing!


Best place to buy Zippers:


Zipper Ride


Zipper Ride Info from Wikipedia

The Zipper Ride is my absolutely favorite amusement park ride.  There’s nothing like the thrill!!!

The Zipper Ride in action…

If you have a strong stomach, check this out.  This is filmed while riding the zipper…

Whew!!!  I did it!  Completed the entire A-Z Encyclopedia of Me within a month…with 3 days to spare!




  1. Oh, man! How did you know I’ve been wanting to buy a gorgeous zipper? Thanks for the link–I had no idea such things existed.


  2. Thanks for sharing. It was fun!

  3. What fun! I read them all…and woohoo for making it to Z!

  4. Wow! Who is this designer?

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