U is for…


Yes…I’m unsure what baby things to sew up so I’ve procrastinated…and the Baby Shower is on Sunday…ugh!!!!

So far, I’ve finished the silk pants and cut out part of the matching silk jacket…not sure I’m liking the jacket…LOL.

I’ve finished a hand beaded Alencon Lace onesie.  Dyed that and a vintage tutu a dreamy pink.  Just need to make a new smaller waistband on the tutu.

Finished hand beading a second tutu.  Think I’ll dye it brown and use it as a coordinating piece for the above silk pants and jacket…

Back to the sewing room…




  1. I’m in the middle of making a tutu onesie for a new baby myself – I’m doing a little painting on the front but it was looking too plain, you just gave me a wonderful idea with the hand beading! I’m going to stitch on a few tiny pearls now. 🙂


  1. […] I started this silk baby jacket back in September 2007…umm, that’s 4 years ago to match the silk baby […]

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