S is for…

Sewing Machine


How pretty is this PINK sewing machine?  Unfortunately I can’t bring myself to buy it for $200+…I’ll just have to dream about it…LOL


Did you know that your saliva will remove your own blood? Yep…the DNA in YOUR saliva will remove YOUR blood (not anyone else’s).  This trick has saved many of my sewing projects when I’ve accidentally pricked my finger and got a tiny spot of blood on the fabric.   Works like a charm! 



If you love personalized stationery, stickers, stamps and other goodies, check out Doodlebugs Paper!

Spray Sizing

Two years ago, I switched from Spray Starch to Spray Sizing…what a difference!  I love how the Spray Sizing gives new life to fabric…


Light Body Formula


Extra Crisp Formula

Spray Sizing vs. Spray Starch

More Reasons to use Sizing instead of Starch

Great for Crafting



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