L is for…


(Make your own label tags at Acme.com)

I was reorganizing my children’s toys when I came upon these clear storage boxes and their printed labels.  Years before we had P-Touch Label Makers, we had to resort to using our printer (boy, how lucky I was to have a COLOR laser jet printer?) and then taping the pictures on the boxes (this was “supposed” to make it easy for the kids to put their toys back in the boxes…never happened!).


Over the last few weeks, I was a bit uncentered…something was bothering me.  I couldn’t find my P-Touch Label Maker…I have dozens of label tapes in every color available, but I put it somewhere so I could easily locate it next time I needed it.  It’s been weeks now and no label maker.


Luckily, I had purchased a dozen of the cheaper P-Touch 80 Label Makers during the last Staples’ Black Friday Sale…only $10 each instead of $29!!!  I gave them out as gifts to my kid’s teachers.  They were a HIT!  Thankfully I still had one left in the cabinet…yippee!!!  I opened the box, inserted the batteries and turned it on.  For some reason, it needed to be programmed (WTH?) and I couldn’t get it to make labels.  Of course I had tossed the directions in the trash thinking I was a labelmaking pro…silly me…so there I am now on the Brother Label Maker website, downloading the instructions…


On St. Patrick’s Day at the age of 9 1/2 months old, my first child, Marielle, received a life-saving liver transplant….that’s what I call “Luck of the Irish!”






No wonder I send out my laundry to be done…my washing machine and dryer are just too complicated.  When they make a washer/dryer combo set that FOLDS and PUTS the laundry away, I’ll be the first to purchase them….PROMISE…


If you are part of my family, you have a 50% chance of being left-handed.  My father, sister, Mr. Diva™ and I are all left-handed.  It really hasn’t been a problem for me as I’ve learned how to adapt in a Right-Handed World…even my scissors are right-handed.  However, I can only do left-handed cartwheels…oh wait…I can’t do cartwheels anymore…those days are long gone!

ok…I am DETERMINED to finish this stupid Encyclopedia of ME thing before month’s end…heck, I still have M – Z to go before Monday morning.  Think I can do it?  But the way, who’s bright idea was this?  LOL  I’ll be back…




  1. Your own saliva works like a charm ?

    How well does a charm work ?

    Did you test someone elses saliva and found it fails ?

  2. Also, red blood cells have no DNA.

  3. MY theory on the saliva vs blood is this
    “the sooner you remove the blood the better”

    When you remove the blood quickly, the red blood cells havent burst and they can be washed out.

    When you let the blood dry out, the red blood cells burst, and they payload of red (hemoglobin) stains your fibres.

  4. Great tip Leon! Yep, only your saliva works when used to remove blood on your fabric…and yes, quickly!

    Thanks for sharing!

    With friendship,

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