K is for…

Koi Fish


Back in June while I was preparing to go to daughter’s Junior High Graduation, my two largest Koi fish jumped out of my pond and died.
My oldest and largest, Nemo, was 26 inches and weighted about 7 pounds. My second largest was a mere 20 inches and just laid her eggs.
As many of you know, I am PETRIFIED of my fish…and truth be told, had I “seen” them jump out, I would have just screamed, but never would I have attempted to put them back in the pond.
Now some of you might think I’m nuts, but I am EXTREMELY attached to my fish. Every morning at 5am, I look out the window to make sure they are safe and sound.

Sadly, this kind of occurrence happens when the fish mate and knock the female up against the side of the pond. Being that they were so large and my pond is quite big (ummm…like 3,500 gallons), they were able to build momentum and could easily jump 5 feet in the air. This time they didn’t land back in the pond.

To make matters worse, my DH and my neighbor said let’s just fire up the grill and add some garlic and oil…ugh!!! And then to find out the biggest one wasn’t worth $700 like I thought…no, to replace him I’m looking at over $3K…I’m SICK!

Ok…so laugh if you must…I know, they are just stupid fish, just don’t let me hear ya…

Key Chains

There’s always a key chain or other dangling thing to be found hanging from my boys’ clothing items.  It’s my “signature” thing (ROTFL…no it’s just something I have fun with).













oh, in case you thought for one minute I was running out of cool key chains and such….




Knit Fabric Stash

OK…I lied…I have even more fabric storage…LOL


And yes, it’s FULL…off to buy yet more Target Fabric Drawers!




  1. laughing at keyring stash. love the later gator outfit!!! Anna would love something like that girlied up a tad

  2. Well, koi are not very tasty. And it is actually illegal to release them into streams. I have seen the koi in my parents pond junp quite a bit.

  3. Thanks Eileen!

    KnitPlayw/Fire: I agree, the Koi would taste nasty…anyway, who the heck eats their pets? KWIM?

    With friendship,

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