H is for…

Hammer Time


As long as I live, I don’t think I’ll ever become good at fabric covered buttons.  I’ve sold more than a dozen of this particular boy’s custom set…and yet every single time, it’s been a nightmare when I get to the covered buttons.

So I thought I was smart when I did the last set…I bought 2 extra refill button packs so that if I messed them up, I’d have backup.  Well, not only did the 2 extra “backup” packs (3 buttons per pack) get destroyed, but I had to make yet another trip to Joann’s for more refill buttons.  So out of 12 buttons, I was able to salvage 3 stinkin’ buttons…ugh!!!  And then I noticed the brand name on my hammer…TRUE TEMPER…how appropriate.

In my search for trying to find any tips for making these fabric covered buttons, I came across these links:

Assoicated Content’s Covered Button Video Tutorial

Little Things by Magda’s Covered Button Tutorial

J. Caroline Creative Ponytail Holder Tutorial

How About Orange’s Thumbtack Tutorial

Ruby Crowned Kinglette’s Covered Button Tutorial

I think I need one of these…

Button Machine

Handmade Soap


OMG…I recently purchased the most yummy honey, pineapple and honeydew soaps from Country Cottage Soaps by Linda.  Once you try these cold press process soaps, you’ll never buy another bar of Ivory!



I had been storing my most often used patterns on magnetic bullnose clips on my metal cabinets.  Soon I had just too many patterns and it started to look a bit sloppy.  So I bought these professional pattern hooks from Atlas Levy. You’ll also need a Pattern Punch (also available through Atlas Levy) to make a big hole for the pattern hook to fit through.  Now my patterns are neatly hung on a garment rack for easy retreival.

Home Sweet Home


Well it is if you don’t consider living next to the Mayor a hinderance to home ownership.  Actually, she’s not the Mayor, she’s just the annoying obnoxious next door neighbor who thinks she’s in charge of the entire block.

She used to run our Block Party until my Guest List exceeded all the other attendees in the neighborhood…thus we now have the Diva BBQ.

Every year she and I have a “run in.”  First it was “the Tree”…she’d asked me to have the branches cut that were hitting her house and agreed to split the tree trimming costs.  So me, being the wonderful neighbor that I am, incurred a $1,200 bill from our local tree cutting service.  Months went by and no mention or reimbursement from her.

In the meantime, I was erecting a new fence and needed a property survey as the Mayor, when asked, didn’t know where the property line was (yeah right…she knew).  I come to find out when having the survey done that “the Tree” is actually HERS!!!!  She had conveniently fenced it out of her yard.  Ends up the property line is slanted…which also means I own part of her concrete driveway…LOL!

So one day I just happened to ask her if she was aware of this discovery I had uncovered and she says she wasn’t sure when she looked at her own property survey years ago (LIAR LIAR, Pants on FIRE!).  I then bring up the subject of “the Tree” in hopes of recouping my money.  She looks at me and says she never asked me to cut “the Tree”….HUH?  Oh ok…that would mean I took it upon myself to go onto your property and cut “the Tree” without your knowledge…heck, I’m nice, just not THAT nice.

I could see this was going nowhere and decided it would be best to let Mr. Diva handle this (and I was on the verge of ripping out her eyeballs).  Well, when confronted by Mr. Diva, her husband said his wife never agreed to sharing the tree trimming expense…basically, she played dumb so I got stiffed for $600…fine, just fine.

But now she’d have to worry that I’d wake up one day on the wrong side of the bed and erect a new fence down her driveway (make that MY driveway).  Unfortunately Mr. Diva won’t let me do it…sometimes he’s just no fun.

Fast forward two years later…Mr. Diva buys me a new fancy smancy car.  Not more than 2 weeks later, I find my sideview mirror hanging off my car and an anonymous note that reads, “To Whom It May Concern – I witnessed a woman driving an older Blue GM car hit your mirror while backing up to park.  She entered house #268.”  Wait…the Mayor drives such a car and that’s her address!  So once again, Mr. Diva contacts her husband.  And once again, she denies it ever happening.  Chalk up another $900 that she is into me for.  But that’s ok…did I mention one night while out to dinner with Mr. Diva I happened to see her husband swapping spit with a voluptous redhead?  Now Mr. Diva has warned me not to dare “mention” this to her…oh, I would just love to see her face…I just smile everytime I see her cheating husband…LOL.


harlequinpinkmm.jpg harlequingriffin.jpg harlequinblack.jpg

Oh how I love anything with a harlequin print on it!!!  Love the stuff at Ballard Design’s.  I just love my son’s room with the taupe harlequin fabric


and this harlequin rug…


Loved the rug so much, I bought a second one for the living room…LOL~

Have a great day!



  1. Okay, I love the H entry. This:

    Unfortunately Mr. Diva won’t let me do it…sometimes he’s just no fun.
    Cracked me up.
    And so glad you are sharing your hooks, I love those little guys!

  2. Lisa, do you use fray check around the edges of the fabric circles when you make your buttons? I like to make the circles about 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than the template (depending on the size of the button) then before I cut them out I draw around the inside edge with the fray block. Let it dry, cut them out then use your fingers to really crease the fabric around the edge of the button. Since it’s all stiff with the fray stop it will fold over and crease like paper instead of popping right back up again. You have the leisure to position the back and just tap it into place.
    It feels really silly for ME to be giving YOU advice but I hth. 🙂

    P.S. Do you have any pictures of the hanging patterns?

  3. Eileen…I’m gonna have to pop some hooks in the mail to you…just send me your address…can I now you are having some serious hook envy…LOL

    Kerrie…like the fray check idea–thanks! Another hint, use an pencil eraser to push the fabric onto the sharp edge of the button…

    I’ll take pics and post of the hanging patterns tomorrow if you’re good.

    With friendship,

  4. I am so glad you brought up the fabric covered buttons. When I make them, they come out just fine but it seems to take so much time and energy to get them done. Hopefully I can use some of the tips you get to help me to be more proficient at making them. Thanks.

  5. “And then I noticed the brand name on my hammer…TRUE TEMPER…”

    hahaha! how ironic..

  6. Lisa, your story about your neighbor cracked me up!

    I am in love with the @ that you found Amy! I need one for Adrienne’s room, so now I need to find a Home Goods store!


  7. ZOMG. My mom and I would build the fence. In teh middle of the night. With hand tools so it’s quiet. And we live down 22 or 78 from you. Let us know. 🙂 She did all kinds of stuff to a terrible neighbor. Once she bought a bag of like 1000 forks from Price Club, and in the middle of the night my brother, sister, mom and I stuck them all tines down in his lawn. Didn’t do any damage, but when he went out to get his paper in teh morning- WOOOO. Plus, it aerated his lawn so we didn’t feel bad. Just a thought…

  8. Your neighbor is driving ME nuts, and I don’t even live next to her. I don’t know how you deal with it.

    I’d be so tempted to be ever so annoying. I’d also be tempted to tell Mr. Neighbor that things might want to change. It would be in his best interest and all. Ok, that’s not the Christian way to handle things. 🙂


  1. […] bought some different Buttons To Cover as it was a disaster when I used the crappy Dritz Buttons. Be sure to check out J. Caroline Creative’s BLOG!!!  I love it!  Great customer […]

  2. […] Anyway, it would stink if my new neighbor hit my car as he’d probably be put on my Rotten Neighbor List with the neighbors who lives on the other side of me (the Mayor and her meandering […]

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