Look who got a mention of HGTV’s website…
HGTV Organization Inspiration


Part I – Fabric

Part II – Thread

Part III – Needles and Stabilizers

Part IV – Lace, Trim and Ribbons

Part V – Sewing Library: Patterns, Embroidery Designs, Magazines & Books

Now you are probably thinking to yourself there is no way I can tackle my sewing room…there’s just so much stuff everywhere.  Well, then perhaps I should show you how it all looked when I first got started…

The Sewing Dungeon

organize15.jpg  organize91.jpg organize81.jpg

organize11.jpg organize5.jpg sewingroom10.jpg

fabricswap2.jpg 000_0837.jpg 000_0836.jpg

organize6.jpg sewingroom8.jpg sewingroom71.jpg

The Dining Room

dining6.jpg dining3.jpg dining2.jpg dining1.jpg

So now do you understand why I had to take this sewing room organization thing seriously?  LOL.  If I can do it, anyone can!  Don’t be discouraged…take one step at a time and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new creative space!

Happy Organizing!



  1. WOW – how cool is that? I enjoy the HGTV website – congrats for the mention. See, you ARE a rockin girl blogger afterall!

  2. Way to go Lisa!

  3. This is PERFECT timing!
    I can’t wait to unpack my fabric stash and tuck them away on my new shelves – thank God for Ikea! 😀

  4. any tips to get motivated to actually SEW something. I’ve got stuff cut out that is size 2T – my child now wears a size 8.


  5. This looks all too familiar! I can’t wait to explore how you dealt with it. 🙂

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