G is for…

Gift Wrapping


Presentation is EVERYTHING.  I’m thinking I’ve inherited my passion for gift wrapping from my Mother…yep, she has always wrapped everything so beautiful.


From my custom boutique clothing sent to my eBay customers to


the bows which adorn my Christmas gifts and


my handmade Calligraphy name tags, I absolutely relish in creating the perfect package.  At times, I’ve been known to go a bit overboard, but heck, it’s all in the details, right?

On Christmas Day, it’s amusing to watch my sisters and sister-in-law fight over my bows so they can re-gift them next year.



There was a time when my garden was everything to me…when I’d plant only purple, blue, pink, white and peach flowers…


I memorized the Latin names of different plants and flowers, understood optimal growing conditions and climate zones.


But then I got pregnant with my son…


No longer could I get down on my knees and dig in the dirt or tend to my 1,200 peach cupped Daffodils.


Life sort of got in the way.


Then came the major home renovation which destroyed everything I had worked years to achieve…


The building contractors had no mercy on my prized Cooley’s tall bearded Irises.


I decided this year that it was time for my garden to take center stage as it had in years past…


I’ve already planted all the flowers pictured above…next Spring will be eye candy for sure!

Garden Room


Just off the kitchen awaits my beloved Garden Room…


It’s that place which holds my special wicker chair with the comfy ottoman…


Where I can view my garden from all angles…


Where I sketch my clothing designs…


And hand sew the little details…


Where I continue to “attempt” ribbon embroidery with no success…


 Where I read my sewing books and


an occasional trashy novel…


Where the sparkling bronze lights and candles give a warm glow to the room…


Only problem is the room becomes an OVEN in the Summertime…


Luckily I’ve solved that by having an air conditioner installed…now the room is perfect!

Garment Labels


I can’t rave enough about this eBay custom garment label seller:
FancyWeaver Labels

Check him out!  You’ll be very pleased with the quality, price and customer service!




  1. Did the labels arrive as a tape or do you have to cut them apart? The price certainly seems right!

  2. I bet your garden will be stunning!

  3. Hey Esther…they arrived individually cut and edges heat sealed! I promise you’ll be thrilled!

    With friendship,

  4. Ooh, the garden is (or will be) beautiful! I can’t believe the contractors would rip up your flowers. (Well, there is a bulldozer in my back garden right this moment… so maybe I can – *chuckle*)
    I’m hoping they’ll be done here in time for me to put in some bulbs this fall.

  5. I bought those labels too, and I love them. I am planning on buying more in different colour schemes………

    Thanks for bringing them to our attention Lisa


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