B L neongreen o G

I’m just not getting this whole blog thing…

I mean, I’m getting TONS of hits, yet comments here are rare even though I leave comments on others’ blogs all over the Blog world…I feel like I’ve just come out of the bathroom and unknowingly have my skirt tucked in my panties, yet no one let’s me know…some friends you are.

I don’t know how to do that TAG thing you all seem to have mastered and I didn’t get any nice blogger award…so I tried the MEME thing with no response…I’m feeling like a total blog loser.

I’ve been trying to reorganize your sewing/craft rooms.  I’ve even shared all my neat little finds.  I know it’s because I don’t have any recipes–that must be it!  But seriously, I could give you the telephone number of a great restaurant or hook you up with my awesome caterer.

Do I have to give away free fabric to feel the blog love?  Fine…Bribery it is!  Here’s my contribution to blog fabric giveaways:

mmpinkdiscodot.jpg mmbluediscodot.jpg

One Yard of Each Michael Miller

Disco Dot Fabric pictured above

(pre-washed for your convenience)

Just post about your FAVORITE SEWING / CRAFT GADGET this weekend.  Monday morning I’ll pick a poster’s name out of a hat…and do me a favor, don’t let there be just two posters or I’ll feel bad and send fabric to both…that’s because I’m a NICE ROCKIN’ BLOGGER!  If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to resort to my coveted stash of Mirabella shower curtains for the next giveaway…LOL





  1. Feel the love. You don’t have to send me fabric for me to send you a virtual hug thru cyberspace. What are you sewing these days?

  2. Hey Marty…just sewing up about a dozen different little boys’ sets…LOL…almost done! Oh and I have to make my nephew’s Halloween costume…he wants to be Luke Skywalker Jedi…huh? oh and of course I need to sew up something special for my step sister who is adopting a baby girl later this month.

    thanks for the hug!

  3. I am trying to finish up all of the almost done projects that have been sitting in my sewing room for a few years. I can’t start any new ones until the bulk of these are down.

    And as to my favorite gadget, it has to be a good seam ripper. It has so many uses. And I have discovered that double pointed needles are great for stuffing toys.

  4. I am here!! And I know you have sent me your blog link before but this is only my 2nd time to visit. I am bookmarking ya.. so I can visit again :o) And I will let you know when I am here :o)

    As far as the fabric. It is dang cute and two of my favorites but I would have to turn around and pay someone to do something cool with it.. so if I do WIN (ha!ha!) I’ll pass it along to a great sewing friend :o)

    Come visit me sometimes…..

  5. I don’t get the whole blogging thing either. I honestly don’t know how anyone has time to take (and edit, upload, etc) pictures of everything they do every day! But, I enjoy reading about people who have that kind of time, so I’m glad someone does! LOL.

    Favorite sewing gadget? Hmmm…… I think that would have to be something I saw recently but have not acquired yet. The portable bobbin winder.

  6. I am not a sew person but I love your blog! My favorite sewing tool is looking at the great creations by ebay designers like you.

    Ya tease! I need a new shower curtain :P.

    Seriously much love and hugs to you .

  7. Hey girlie, :0)
    Just stopping by to say hi! No need to give me fabric either. I’ll just stop by cause I luv ya! ;0)

    P.S…..Giveaways will make em flock to you……LOL
    Sorry bout your MEME bust…I’m just now making some bloggy rounds and as you know rarely have time to even peeee!
    Hopefully your next one will go better.

    Speakin of…..Bloggityville had one of the BIGGEST giveaways ever hosted by Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer. She called it Dog Days of Summer! Was very fun and I won lots of goodies! She will be doing it again this fall! I’ll let you know so you can join in the fun with us. :0)

    Talk to you soon…

  8. Hey You!!

    Things are crazy here, with sick kids and the start of school, so not much computer time for me. I promise to check in more often.

    Look at all that mirabella!!! You have quite the stash!


  9. You are a nut! look at all that mirabella!! That is the funniest picture!


  10. Sorry, Lisa, I don’t have a blog, so I can’t tag you…but I’ll remember you if I ever decide to venture off into this world, LOL! Don’t worry about the fabric…I just wanted to say “Hi”! Hope you are having a WONDERFUL weekend!

  11. Hiya! Oh goody, my first time visiting and you have a give-away! Yippee!

    My fave gadget is one I picked up recently and can’t seem to put down. Its a little thingie for making yoyos and its so clever, you can pop them out in no time flat! As soon as I’ve made something with this growing pile of yoyos, I’m planning on posting about it. Cheers!

  12. I’m not here for the freebies, but to thank you for commenting on my blog about machine sewing. I hope you will stop by again!!

  13. You know I love ya girl! Cyber hugs to you~ But no need to send me fabric either. 😉

    BUT, my favorite gadget is the buttonhole spacer I recently got~ LOVE it.

    but as for old favorites~ seam ripper of course, and a tapestry needle for pulling out gathering threads. hehe

    Honestly, I can’t keep up with blogs either… no time to read too much, and certainly no time to post! My blog has one single solitary entry saying, “SOON” ROFL

  14. I have several…….
    my bias tape maker
    my loop turner
    my corner poker (to make the corners of pockets nice and sharp)
    my magnetic pin cushion (perfect for a quick pick up spilled pins)

    Does an Iron count as a gadget? It is the one thing that I could not go without.


  15. SO glad I found your blog. Blogs like yours with really great advice (and plenty of pics) is what makes a rockin’ blog. I am amazed you didn’t get any awards. I tried to be a rocking girl blogger but I think the last time I blogged was 2 months ago!! So, I am the real blog loser! Gee I sorta sound like I’m kissing butt here for some free fabric, don’t I, haha!! Nah, just hate for you to be not feeling any love is all.
    My favorite gadget is probably my new steam generator iron. I mean an iron is necessary for all types of sewing.

  16. You goof. Love the shower curtain shot. Its lovely.

  17. We have a WINNER of my FREE FABRIC GIVEAWAY!!!

    MARY T.

    I am soooo dying to get a steam generator…you brat…LOL

    Please send me your full name and mailing address and I’ll get the fabric in the mail to you!

    Thanks to everyone for their comments…I’m feeling the blog love!

    With friendship,

  18. O my gosh – I haven’t won anything since I won that Barbie in 3rd grade and I skinned my knee running to Mom’s car screaming with delight!!
    Thank you so much, Mary

  19. am learning to quilt and would love to give some away as gifts, i help out at my local cancer society and they raffel them off.. and proceeds go to the cancer center, anytype of material would be appreciated, this is awesome website i am glad i found it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i slso like to make do rags and cigar box purses !!! i have 4 kiddies and it gets quite expensiveoooooooo lol

  20. how can I get one of those pink and brown curtains from you…I have been searching everywhere?????

  21. Joann…contest over…Mary T won! Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Pamela…I’m hoarding the Mirabella shower curtains till the end of time…sorry…LOL

    With friendship,

  22. Hey Girl, stumbled across your blog by searching for Mirabella shower curtains. Was recently turned on to these, yet CAN’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE! What is up with that!! Would you mind telling me where you purchased yours?? I’m trying to redo my bath in the pink and browns, yet cannot find the striped curtains anywhere. You state your stash is coveted, I can totally understand that! I am dying to find these!

    Help please!!

    Thanks so much!!

  23. I’m not much of a sewer 😦 I tend to do a lot of scrapbooking though 🙂 I’m posting here because I have been on a search for about a month for and Pink & Brown shower curtain. I’ve seen pictures of the poka dotted one your pictured with and I fell in love with it. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can get one. I’ve tried everywhere from bed bath and beyond, ikea, pottery barn all the way down to e-bay and I can’t find it anywhere. I REALLY REALLY want to do my bathroom in that. The striped one is nice to. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Bless You


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