Friendship Friday MEME


There seems to be so many “Friday” memes such as Five for Friday and Fill-In Friday.  However, I want to do something a bit different…

Friendship Fridays!

Here’s how it works…

1. Name 3 Friends.  They came be IRL (in real life) ones, long-lost friends or internet buddies.  Feel free to use a nickname or other code name to conceal their identity if you want.

2. What is your friend’s best asset (personality trait, talent or physical appearance)?

3.  What is your friend’s obsession, addiction or downfall?

4.  What advice would you give your friend?

5.  What do you wish for your friend (serious or funny)?

Your list doesn’t have to be in rank of favorites, just random so nobody’s feelings get hurt…LOL

Who’s joining me?

I’ll go first…

My Friends

My Irish Buddy


– She has an amazing talent with applique.

– Her downfall is selflessness.

– She’s just moved to NJ last week…leaving me behind…so my advice to her is to visit often.

– I wish her tranquility…hoping she finds the peace and quiet she so deserves.

With Love from Germany


– Her sensibility. Yes, she is beyond talented, but it is her common sense that centers me.

– This girl has a major fabric addiction (see above proof).

– My advice to her would be to downsize her fabric collection by sending some to ME!!!

– I wish her much success with her new ventures!

My Favorite Camera Chica


– Ummm….now you all think I’m going to say her photography skills are her greatest asset, but no…it’s Georgie Porgie™ who is quite handy with the mop and kiddos so she can pursue her dreams.  Only kidding!  Of course it’s her unbelievable talent.  I’ve watched her grow from the days of eBay custom children’s boutique model shots to owning a successful portrait studio and landing some nice professional gigs!  Way to go, girl!

– Her downfall is when she second guesses herself in business.

– Go with your gut more often–if it doesn’t feel right, it ain’t.

– I wish she’ll convince her sweet Emma to marry my Loverboy™ Joey someday…just think, I’ll do all the wedding planning and she can take the awesome wedding portraits!  Sounds like a plan!

Next Friday, I’ll do 3 more of my wonderful friends…I love my buddies…and should be able to keep at this for a year or more, but don’t hold me to it!




  1. Carl
    His eyes

    he loves old cars

    fix my house!!!

    that he fix my house!!!!

    She is so loyal

    She is too neat,clean freak.


    all the happiness she cant stand

    hmmmm ?????

    she acts single sometimes when she isnt

    Dont hurt my brother or the kids.

    I wish her a long happy life with my brother

  2. Hey you! Sorry I missed this. Just seeing your post.

    I’ll start with you

    amazingly generous person!!
    totally addicted to fabric and sewing machines
    wishing you all the best with Downtown Joey–love your collection and fabric selection–and Joey is just the cutest!!

    I will copy what you said. She deserves all the best in life!

    Amazingly talented designer
    I can’t think of any downfalls, etc..
    Again, wishing her much success with her business. She is due for something big to happen for her! 🙂


  3. Kelly
    SHe is the sweetest person ever. I love her to death

    SHe puts up with too much crap from her dh, he is nice but a bit self centered, she will not stick up for herself

    Say no sometimes and take better care of yourself

    I wish you a lifetime of happiness

    She is so funny and loyal

    She is a little to hard on her hubby

    Lighten up a bit

    I wish her days of relaxation and fun


    She is a great MOm and friend and so much fun to be around

    SHe worries a bit too much

    I cannot think of any advice for her

    I wish that her family’s health stays healthy


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