F is for…

f 2

Nope…it’s not about the bad four letter word.



Many computerized sewing machines have the ability to create a decorative Faggoting stitch, often used in heirloom embroidery. Usually used on sleeves, fronts of blouses and/or dresses. Attach two separate pieces of fabric together, leaving a little space in between.


If your sewing machine doesn’t have fagotting capabilities or you simply do not have the patience to do it, you can purchase faggoting trim and attach it between two pieces of fabric for a similar effect.


fairydoor1a.jpg fairydoor1b.jpg fairydoor1c.jpg 

Heidi (aka myprincesslexie) gave me the cutest Fairy Door…and yes, it’s PINK!!!  I was even able to find a miniature sewing machine, sewing basket, scissors, mannequin and ironing board…woo hoo!!!  Hopefully my Diva Fairy™ will help out with some of the sewing around here…LOL!

Flickr Pics of the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor

Urban Fairies

Phenomenon of Fairy Doors


My Friendship Friday Meme

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Added 9/8/07 from Sue Wizard:

HMMMMM the letter F

I could think of a LOVELY F post to write

Dear Diary ,

Lets Discuss a man I call FRANK FOOTER …………………I would have jumped on him at The Domestic Divas BBQ except for the fact well that …Im married …and yeah that might be a sin ….also my husband may not have wanted to watch the kids while I broke our vows ………..


But oh LORD the man can cook …and hes got feet the size small watermelons …and well YOU know what they say about men with big feet ……

F !!!!!!!!!!!!!




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