E is for…

Embroidery Thread Trick

I used to have problems with certain embroidery threads (usually Robinson Anston) feeding off my machine due to the shape of the thread cone until a Viking Sewing instructor suggested the following:

Place embroidery thread in front of machine.


Bring embroidery thread up and place between a large and small thread holder.


Put thread through thread guides as you normally do.


Thread needle and now you’re ready to embroider!


Electric Rotary

For a long time, I struggled with cutting multiple layers of fabric (mostly denim and twill) until my buddy, Carol  of Just Kidd’n, turned me onto electric cutters.

The cutters are not cheap.  They start at $149 and go up to $700!  I purchased a electric rotary minicutter for about $170 with extra blades from South Star Supply…and it’s been worth every penny! It saves me a lot of time when cutting and I no longer have trouble with aches in my hands!

Oh, and don’t buy one of those cheap Gemsy Minicutters…you’ll be very disappointed.



Round Cutters


Straight Blade Cutters


How I just loved eBay!!!  It’s my 24-hour shopping adventure.  I can spend countless hours searching for Children’s Custom Boutique Clothing, fabric, and Textile and Apparel Equipment.



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