C is for…



DOTS…my very FAVORITE!  I have a serious DOTS addiction…I buy a case of them for my Candy Cart a week prior to a party, but always have to go buy another case as I eat them all!!!


Smarties make me BRIGHT…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Fun-Dip is another candy on my favorites list.  I really need to stop…I could go on all day about the candies I love.

Candy Cart


My Candy Cart takes up half of my garage!  When we purchased a 5 story pizzeria in Manhattan several years ago, the previous owner had left behind an authentic candy cart…WOO HOO!  Since we had no use for it in the business, it became mine…long story short, we sold the business 2 years later and I had to get that candy cart from the 3rd floor to my Dad’s truck.  You should have seem this…it’s amazing we didn’t kill ourselves!  Oh but it was soooo worth it!

Caramel Apples


Simply Caramel Apple Recipe

Cotton Candy


I have this pathetic cotton candy marker.  Used it twice…cotton candy was all over my kitchen walls…never again.  $115? I paid only $39 for it from Lillian Vernon.

However, I was thinking maybe it’s time I purchase a REAL cotton candy machine as I’m dropping $200 each party to rent one.


I want THIS!

It’s bad enough I have the darn candy cart.  Do you think Mr. Diva™ would notice a Cotton Candy Machine?

Speaking of this, I think I need one of these for the next BBQ! 



Trapp’s Fresh Cut Tuberose…heavenly!  My buddy, Rachel (aka Deep Blue Grotto™) turned me onto these.  I’ve been purchasing them from the Scents and Sprays Website …sign up for their email sales alerts!

 Have a Happy Labor Day…now I must get to work…I know, I shouldn’t be working, but too many things need to get done…KWIM?




  1. Ah girl! Your killin me with all that candy! YUMMO! The cotten Candy and Caramel apples have to be my FAV on your list though! Oh and what about Candy apples too?? Mmmm Good!

    What a sad little cotten candy machine you have there…Soooo UN-Diva like……You definetely need the pink one with the cart to boot! This is one of my fav websites girlie! It makes me droool! Bet you’ll like it too ;0)


    Course my dream is to open a movie theatre in our little town so I’m a little weird to begin with! LOL

    Have a good one…


  2. Oh, I like all those candies!! Especially the sweet tarts. And caramel apples–yuuumm. Oh, I’ll have to make those this Halloween! The kids would love doing that!!

    That candy cart is wayyyy too cute.


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