B is for…



Every so often, some girl somewhere gets knocked up pregnant and the need to make a bassinette arises.  Two years ago, I made this for a homeless girl who didn’t have anything to put her new baby in other than a dresser drawer.  She recently got knocked up the wonderful news again. Hopefully she knows who her Baby Daddy is this time has another girl.  And no, I’m not making her another bassinette if it’s a boy.  She can use my tax dollars to buy a new one.


My mom made this seafoam green bassinette for my daughter 14 years ago.  Beautiful job Mom…but couldn’t you have swayed me away from such a hideous color choice?



Unlike all my Bow Ho™ buddies, I do not hand tie my bows…I use my handy dandy BowDabra.  I usually make them to adorn my gift boxes.  However, I’ve sold a few on eBay years back.  Everytime I see that blue bow, I laugh.  A freak guy bought it for $30 and left me feedback stating it was the most beautiful bow he’s ever purchased.  Ummm…huh?  It’s a bow…and what in the world does a MAN want with a bow?  Probably could have sold him adult sissy panties, too…LOL.  It takes all types.



I’ve probably made more than 100 baby bibs in the last few years, both as gifts and for sale on eBay.  I made this one for my friend, Evil Twin™, who realized the morning of her daughter’s Christening that she didn’t have a bib…and I thought I was a scatter brain.  Anyway, I whipped this up to go with her daughter’s white silk dupioni dress, because I’ll use any excuse to dig into my tatting collection I’m such a good friend.



The Diva’s 4th Annual NYC BBQ is scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd.  Be there or be square!

Bratz Doll Dresses


OK…so some of you refuse to let your daughters play with trashy Bratz dolls.  I’m not in your club…I LOVE the Bratz dolls’ passion for fashion™.  Just admit it…they have much cooler clothes than Boutique Barbie™.

I first got hooked on eBay while searching for handmade Bratz doll clothes.  When I saw some of the junk dresses being sold, I decided I’d give it a shot.  Smart move…my Bratz doll dresses sold for an average of $33 a piece and the highest one going for $46!  Somehow (don’t ask me) I was able to gather a yard of fabric down to 3 inches to fit the doll’s waist.  I included a simple tulle pettiskirt and a garter made from foldover elastic.  It wasn’t long before other eBayers noticed and soon the Handmade Bratz doll dress market was swamped.

Bridal Gown


Yes, that’s me…notice the obnoxious airbrushed nails?  Give me a little slack…it’s a NY thing…LOL




  1. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

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