A is for…

Ok…it’s September 1st and in an effort to blog daily, I’m joining in on the fun with an Encyclopedia of ME based on The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life


Applique Scraps – I must admit, I stink at applique.  I keep all my fabric scraps in a big pink vintage breadbox and when full, give them to my Irish Buddy™ so she can create awesome appliques!



Alencon Lace – oh, how I LOVE this stuff.  I’ve managed to acquire a lovely stash of it and use it when embellishing infant and bridal items.  To learn more:
Alencon Lace Info by the Lace Fairy

Alterations – I’d rather slice my finger with a rotary cutter than do alterations.  Whenever anyone gives me something to alter against my will, I put it in a big plastic box (aka black hole)and there it stays forever.  I just don’t alter other designers’ creations…I prefer to make my own!


Artist – I painted my way through High School doing t-shirts and denim jackets…mostly Rock n Roll themes.  Now that I’m grown up, I paint faux-finishes on my walls and create ceramic pieces for my holiday displays.



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