Been Hanging out in the Sewing Room…

Did you miss me?  LOL

I’ve been busy embroidering a dozen canvas tote bags for my friend, Kacey, to give to her new students.  I created the embroidery files with my Viking 3D software and stitched them out using some Amy Butler, Michael Miller and Jane Sussman fabrics.  Hope she and the kids like them…


It was a GREAT mail day… my Joel Dewberry fabrics arrived from one of the Yahoo fabric coops I belong to…YUMMY!  Can’t wait to cut into these for some cool boy’s button-down shirts!


I finally added the darn snap on the side pocket and a tab for the keychain on my boys’ Abacus set…it only took me like 2 months…haha~but it’s done.  Tonight I’ll bribe my 5-year-old son with a dollar and some rocks so I can get some pics of him in it for my ebay auction…


Check out this cool keychain I found…an Electronic Organizer with a stylus (bought a dozen in lime, turquoise and orange)…it even has an alarm…ROTFL!


Here’s the side pocket detail…now that pocket was a PAIN…but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  However, I’m thinking this set just might be a one-of-a-kind as I’d dread having to do that pocket again!


 Tomorrow I need to finish several other boys’ sets which need to get listed on ebay…

 Hope everyone is having a great day!




  1. LOVE those tote bags!! You should list one. Too cute!

  2. fabulous creative space

    rates a 10

    i love pink

  3. thanks Carol! PINK always makes me smile!

    Alisa…no way…it’s bad enough I sew children’s clothes. The last thing I need to do is get into tote making…LOL

    With friendship,

  4. Hi,

    really like your embroidered bags

    and i am a fan of green too, and in need of an electronic organizer

    where did you happen to find that? and theprice?

  5. thanks Rebecca!

    I wish I could remember exactly where I got them from…it’s been more than a year and I buy from dozens of sources.

    With friendship,

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