One Craft Diva…LOL

Every once in a while, I get crafty…

A dear friend asked me to embellish a pink leather photo album for their friend who just opened up a new dance studio.

This was something that was given to me about a week ago…but like everything, I put it off as I was trying to come up with something nifty.  Well, the truth is as much as I love doing hand Calligraphy, I always worry that I’ll ruin the item!

For many years, brides and those throwing big parties paid me to do their handmade invitations each addressed in Calligraphy.  Those were the days when Calligraphy was the special touch than made their invitations shine.  But I gave it up as I was just too critical of my Calligraphy…never feeling it was perfect enough.  I’d spend hours mixing the right paints and inks…making sure my dip pen nibs were just right (which came from England as I needed a special left-handed nib).










Well, I couldn’t put off the pink leather photo album any longer.  I had to get it done…


I bought some different scrapbooking embellishments for the front cover.  I also did some calligraphy in metallic silver ink.


I added a bunch of different pink and brown ribbon and glued some crocheted flowers on the ends.


I did a bunch of calligraphy tags and placed them throughout the album.


I even added some hot fix crystals to give it some bling.


The front of the album has 3D embellishments…satin ballet shoes, beaded tiara and scepter, fabric tutu and even a paper program.


It was a hit!  My friend loved it…so much so that she asked if I could do a few more albums for her…ummm, NO!  LOL!



  1. Hey!

    Just stopping in to check out your blog. Beautiful! Love the calligraphy work. Looking forward to keeping up with you and Divaland over here! :O)


  2. I love the calligraphy Lisa:)! It looks wonderful!:)

  3. LISA.

    You are SOO talented! I love the calligraphy! The ballet book rocks. Your friend is so lucky. LOVE the blog!


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