Friend SWAP

whoops…forgot to post the Friend SWAP I sent to Julie Bow Ho™…


Julie picked Pink and Green as her colors…


F is for FUNKY FRAME…Lime Green Leather…LOLjulieswapf.jpg

R is for REALLY YUMMY STUFF…some Paula Deen HOE Cake Mix and fancy lemonade


I is for INTENSE POLKA DOT STASH…a nifty coupon holder filled with polka dot ribbon and trims


E is for ENDLESS CANDY…a Lime Green leather box with some of my favorite sweets


N is for NYC MOB AUDIO BOOK…Julie is a big true crime lover, so figured she’d get a kick out of this…


D is for DIVA ACCESSORIES…a Green and Pink Toile fabric box filled with Diva Spa things, notecards, a candle and of course, HO HO Lip balm…


I made appliqued polka dot Letter tags on my embroidery machine…



That was so much fun!  Our next SWAP is a SWEET TREATS one…we send something edible which our hometown is famous for…this is when being a NYer rocks!  We certainly have the best pizza, bread, cannolis and street pretzels!

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