Friend SWAP

Well…let me just say JEN (aka little red wagon) ROCKS BIG TIME!!!  I love EVERYTHING!!!

Here goes…

“F is for FABRIC.  Because you can truly never have too much!”  What DIVA doesn’t love POLKA DOTS?


“R is for RECYCLED READ.  This fun read was in my sewing library, hope you don’t already have it.”  OMG…Jen, were you checking my bidding history lately?  This was the issue I was looking for!!!!  I’m so STOKED!


“I is for IRON.  A treasure for your Garden.”  You remembered how I love RUSTED IRON…you so ROCK!


“E is for ESPRESSO.  Hope this brightens your morning!”  Beat you didn’t know we are serious coffee/espresso drinkers…recently spent more on a grinder/coffee/espresso combo maker than we did on my car payment…LOL


“N is for NAPKINS and a pretty NEW BOOKMARK.”  These napkins are too funny…they read, “I love being married.  It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”  ROTFLMAO!!!  and ooooooooooooh…the TATTED BOOKMARK…although I’m sure you all know I LOVE TATTING…did you know I’ve been collecting these tatted bookmarks for 3 years now?  YIPPEE!!!


“D is for DIVA’S BBQ BASH!  Don’t feel you have to wear it, just having fun.  This is your crafted gift.”  Jen, I am SO wearing this all summer!!!  I love it!!!  How creative!!!


I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter gifter gal!  Not only did she sent me all these goodies, but Jen also send my little guy a cool Matchbox truck and a cute book!

Thanks so much!  You made my WEEK!

With friendship,


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