Spring Fling SWAP

Busy today working on my “FRIEND SWAP” which needs to be sent out later.  Basically your recipient picks their two favorite colors and you spell out the word FRIEND and send it to them.   I’d post pics, but it’s a surprise…don’t want to let the cat out of the bag…KWIM?

Thought I’d share pics of the SPRING FLING SWAP I received last month from my dear buddy, MIA Mary™.  She is the absolute BOMB!!! I was so impressed! I absolutely loved EVERYTHING she surprised me with…now for the pics…

S is for SEW DIVINE…I almost had an orgasm when I came upon this!

P is for PHOTOS…WOW!!!! First of all, it’s too funny how I mentioned I love PINK BOXES after Mary had already bought this awesome one for me. There’s also a beautiful handmade brag book from Roxanne’s Rags and a cute pink pleather photo album…

R is for READ & RELAX…a nice trashy novel about a rich housewife who’s DH leaves her one day and she fixes him (guess Mary is preparing me for a worst-case scenario), a cool hot pink book light (I can really use this!!!), a beautiful beaded charm bookmark and some yummy bath products.
I is for INITIALLY YOURS…Mary handmade this gorgeous plate…I love it!
N is for NOTECARDS…I’ve been jonesing for some of Kacey’s custom notecards and now I have them…WOO HOO!!!
and finally G is for GOURMET GOODIES!!! Sweet jellybeans…I’ve already dug into them!
Mary totally outdid herself!!! Thank you sweetie…YOU’RE THE BEST!

 My secret receipent for the SPRING FLING was Kacey doodlebugs2003.  Here’s what I sent here:







With friendship,


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