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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Domestic Diva’s Disasters

The Sewing Dungeon

Just another day down in the Sewing Dungeon…LOL…BUT I finally got some good lighting…replaced all my regular flourescent bulbs with those GE Sunlight bulbs…major difference!

I actually passed up a shopping spree with DH in hopes of getting 2 launch sets ready this weekend…ummmm, the launches started this past Tuesday and Wednesday….I’ll be fashionably late as usual..haha!

I can’t seem to get motivated or organization…maybe both are a problem. I have literally 15 sets in different stages…ugh! Yet, none completed.

The 4 piece Boys’ set I’m working on for the Sidekicks launch is 1/2 done…2 button down shirts, 1 knit shirt and a pair of denim pants. Should be cute. Just need to figure out all the little details and what keychain we’ll be using for it.

Then I need to get back to my tangerine and blue silk special occasion dress. Silk is always a nightmare as it frays like mad. It is a painstaking slow process as I’m not one is a fan of puckered seams…so it’s got to be done right or not at all. I’ve seen too many silk creations lately which are shoddy. Girls…change that needle down to a 60/8 sharp and use some silk thread.

JMHO as if anyone is listening…KWIM?

Friday, July 07, 2006


TGIF…NOTOh my…when does it all slow down? Seems like I am always running a race.ok, so I do it to myself…I create my own insanity as the simple life would be too boring.

Well, at least it’s Friday…hmmm….what a busy day it will be.

At 8am, the window cleaners are coming…ummm…think I’ll quit my day job…these guys are milking me…$400 to clean my darn windows…I’m in the wrong business…KWIM? But then again, knowing how accident prone I am, it will probably be money well spent…LOL

Yet, the thing that is stressing me out most is that my entire contents of my home will be on display for a few hours…ugh! So I’ve spent the last few days making sure everything is put away….but then there’s my darling 13 yo daughter’s room…what is it with the girls today? I remember when I was a teenager, my room was my santuary…it ROCKED! And I always kept it looking good as friends were always over. However, my daughter is a different story. She’s got everything…yet it looks like a hurricane just rolled through…

see what I mean…

I cleared off her 11 foot custom window seat to access the storage underneath the cushions only to find it was EMPTY! ummm…ya think we could utilize the storage? not!

Then there is her laundry situation….she obviously hates to do wash (just like her mother…LOL…except I’m smart enough to accept this fact and send out my laundry). She stockpiles her dirty laundry in the corner of one of her closets until she can’t close the doors.

This child is in desperate need of the Clean Sweep Team…

Saturday, June 03, 2006



Well, it all started 12 years ago…the day I was driving home from the hospital in Philadelphia to my home in NYC…finally returning home after my DD’s liver transplant…driving my Dad’s new Toyota Land Cruiser…someone hit the back tire on the truck and I flipped over several times…it was almost surreal…

It’s amazing I’m alive…must be that “Luck of the Irish” that came into play that day, because I had so many injuries…the doctors were stunned that I survived…but I did…and my Dad thought I’d need a vehicle that wouldn’t “flip” so he surprised me with a used silver Mercedes-Benz…

and there started my love affair with these German machines…

Well, a few years later, Old Betsy (the silver Benz) was starting to see better days and my DH thought it was time for a new car…but which brand and model? Surely he didn’t think I could go back to a Cadillac once I’d driven a Benz…right?

So poor DH decides I can have a brand new Benz…a nice E-class…WRONG…LOL…I was eyeing the expensive S-Class…he said absolutely NOT…Wrong again…because I stamped my feet and acting like a 5 year old who’s mom wouldn’t buy her the princess tutu.

Too bad my DH insisted and my Dad brought me to pick up my new White Benz…and I went reluctantly like a spoiled child who was told no. As we went to enter the Mercedes showroom, a shiny white S-Class caught my eye…that was a dream machine…my Dad noticed and said, “there’s your car!” and I said “stop teasing me…” as my Dad is the King of the Jokesters. “no really…it’s yours!” well OMG…I was now sitting in my DREAM CAR…

And Rosie (the white S-420) served me well for several years…I was sooo loving it every single moment. I always felt like a princess even in sweats. The police no longer bothered me for going a little too fast (they probably figured I was someone important or at the very least married to someone who was). Well, about 3 weeks before I was supposed to trade it in, I hit a very big “bump” and caused the plate that holds the engine and transmission in place to mangle! So guess what? No new Benz for the Diva. My DH now had to buy the car outright…ugh…and now I’d be stuck with Rosie for another year…but I would joke with the ladies at my daughter’s ritzy school (who all got new Benzs every year) that I had the oldest Benz in the group while my regular friends would gladly drive my car.

Finally something mechanical happened and it required service. It might have had something to do with me never getting an oil change in all those years…don’t they understand that I was “testing” the reliability of the car for Mercedes? Except the service costs were astronomical and DH agreed we should trade it in for a late model S-Class.

So DH upgraded me to a S-500…woo hoo…only problem is WHITE was the only color available on the lot! Well…I loved Juanita (my new S500) at first…thank goodness we paid $3,800 for her maintenance plan…because she’s required it often.

In the year and a half I’ve owned her, she has spent more than 5 months in the service center at Mercedes…she is quite the lemon…everything from a radio that turns on when you have the car keys in your hand and not in the ignition to a $1,300 gas cap repair…

honestly…it’s been a nightmare…and dealing with the service department is getting old…they know me by first name. And they laugh everytime I call because they cannot believe so many things have happened in such a short time.

Well, Juanita just came home last week after a 3 week stay at the service department…so I thought it would be smooth sailing…but no…last night during a thunderstorm, her alarm kept going off…so I got in the car and put the keys in the ignition to reset the alarm as the “clicker” didn’t seem to do the trick. As I sat there, I heard a big splash…WATER was draining into the front passenger seat floor area which was the culprit to why the alarm kept sounding.

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me an Audi A8L?


With friendship,

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Domestic Diva’s Disasters

Cleaning for the Cleaning Guys

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…cleaning the house before the cleaning guys arrive…

How the heck are they going to make my palace all spiffy if there are toys and other junk in their path? Thank goodness Big Bob and Chester the Molester™ are used to my ways…I rush to clean the clutter before they start on a room…like a madwoman who has here mother-in-law coming into town for two weeks…KWIM?

Think I’ll blame all this on those children of mine and that darling Mr. Diva™…they are notorious for just leaving things all over the place. I’ve tried throwing Mr. Diva’s dirty clothes that I find on the floor in the bathroom back in his drawers….doesn’t work. I’ve tried throwing out little Joey’s toys to no avail. I’ve tried taking away 1youyo Marielle’s fancy wardrobe…packing all her clothes which are laying around on her window seat into big black garbage bags and hiding them up in the attic…I get no response, no cooperation….what is a Diva to do?

Well, after a few years of this, I’ve smartened up…no longer do I do the heavy cleaning, nor cook. Why? What effort are they making to help run this household? Mr. Diva feels he provides the funding for my charmed life. Therefore, he doesn’t need to doing anything domestic. Heck, that guy has only done the dishes twice in our 15 years of marriage…and one time that he did, I was on a respirator in CCU…

The Little Domestic Diva™ (Marielle) feels she shouldn’t have to do these domestic things…none of her friends do…they all have nannies and live-in housekeepers. She constantly complains that her bathroom is not “private” as in “attached” to her bedroom….sorry little princess, it didn’t work with the floor plan.

Joey on the other hand, acts like he “wants” to clean up his toys, however, he insists that he needs “help” as it is too overwhelming a task for a 4-year-old…clever little boy…so he gets me to “assist” him…aka he gets me do basically do most of it.

Guess I better get started cleaning for the cleaning guys…LOL!

Hope your palace is sparkling like mine will be for a few hours prior to this weekend’s tornado (aka family).

With friendship,

Thursday, June 01, 2006


So you can sew…

well then welcome to the children’s custom boutique world on ebay….now you’re a designer….yeah right.

I’ll tell you…time and time again, I have to laugh…not that my sewing skills are superior to the other hundreds of “designers,”….it’s just basically funny how your darling husband can buy you a sewing machine, you get your hands on the lastest Amy Butler fabric and poof…you’re a designer!

We are all basically girls with fancy sewing machines/sergers and a little space carved out in our homes where we “create.” We are not really designers…most of us have no formal training, fashion degrees, etc. Some of us don’t even understand machine tension.

Many of us are “good” at it while others don’t have a clue what they are doing. It’s a constant struggle not to be overcritical of other’s creations when flaws are utterly obvious. Heck, so the ruffle isn’t gathered perfect. Or the facing wasn’t understitched…fine, but what peeves me is seams that unravel..things that effect the durability of a garment. This kind of stuff does not qualify as “custom boutique clothing.” Yet, it is sold as such…go figure.

Yes, we all start our sewing adventure at the beginning and some master the art of sewing quicker than others…but it’s those who take it and run with it that truly shine…learning all they can, absorbing information, trying new techniques, taking risks, asking questions to those who are more knowledgeable, daring to be different. However, in order for this to absorb/happen, one needs to understanding basic garment construction. This is where many “designers” get into trouble. While some have a knack for creating awesome looking clothing, other fail because they haven’t taken the time to be critical of their own work and become lazy looking for the easy way out. Sometimes there just is no shortcut for good construction. Remember—Rome wasn’t built in a day.

There truly is a difference between homemade and handmade. Learn what separates the two…and you to will have your day in the spotlight!

Happy Designing!

With friendship,

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yep…that’s what my 4-year-old son said on the way out the door this morning…so I’m gonna go with it!

Well…the day was off to a great start until I got to Starbuck’s…

Ran in to get 4 pounds of Verona coffee for home (yes, we love coffee), so I get my grounded coffee and ask for a buttered bagel….well, the chica hands me a bagel, 2 little butter things and a plastic knife…um…what’s up with that? I just spent $40 on ground coffee and you expect me to cut and butter my own darn bagel? please tell me you’re kidding…

so I asked what was I expected to do with this? Butter the bagel in my car? They said if I don’t like it I could go to a bagel store…that this was a coffee shop. oh…OK. Note to self: don’t buy bagels at Starbuck’s.

So I figured, heck…this is life…well wrong…I get home and rush to finish sorting the laundry so my handy dandy laundry guy can come pick up the laundry…only to find that he isn’t doing pick-ups for the next two days and could I drag 100 pounds of dirty laundry into the laundromat if I want to get them to do it….hello? Isn’t that what I pay you guys for? Pick-up and delivery last I checked.

Don’t they understand that my children will be NEKKID if someone doesn’t come get this laundry? Understand that this is far worse than NAKED…

Don’t they know that my new fancy smancy washing machine and dryer is for show…that and to pre-wash my new fabrics? You figure between the sorting, detergents, fabric softeners, OxyClean, Bleach, Color-Safe Bleach and the electric that it’s just cheaper to send out the laundry. Well…at least that the bill of goods I’ve sold my darling husband…quiet…don’t you be ratting me out…we don’t like rats. And anyway, the $100 a week is justifiable when you consider my sanity…KWIM?

Can’t wait to see if my fridge dilemma is finally remedied today…we shall see…LOL.

With friendship,

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just another manic Monday…oh wait, it’s TUESDAY…LOL
well…I already lost a day this week with the holiday…never seems to be enough days in the week…KWIM?

so…later today my fridge problem was finally going to be solved…but that didn’t happen. See, it all started several months ago when our beloved fridge had problems with the compressor. I didn’t even both to call the repairman, because I knew the part would be several hundred dollars and then a few more bucks for the service call and labor…probably about $600 would be my guess…so, I unplugged it and did NOTHING. Well “nothing” didn’t seem to bother my darling husband as we go out to eat almost every night and also have a small 10 cubic foot fridge up in his tv room (which would be used for milk, creamer and soda)…

so days turned into weeks…and still nothing 6 weeks later…finally he insisted I order a new fridge. I reluctantly starting doing research to find one that would fit in the space as all available models seemed to be 1/4″ to 1/2″ too big for the space….ok…so I finally find one and called my handy dandy local appliance retailer and placed my order…only to find out it had been discountinued…lovely…now what? ok…so it takes me another week or so to decide on another model…well…I ordered it and it would be delivered in a week…heck, what was another week at this point…KWIM?

so they show up with the fridge only to find out the water supply connection needs metric pipe fittings and they don’t have any…so there I go driving across town to my father’s machine shop to get the proper fittings…got em and now it’s 8pm at night…they FINALLY get it hooked up to the water supply after 3 hours!

Then they go to push it back into the space between the cabinets…and guess what? IT DOESN’T FIT!

lovely…just my luck…knew I shouldn’t have ordered a new fridge…

so the next morning I call my contractor who recently renovated my home…we play phone tag for the next two weeks…finally they send their cabinet guy who tells me it can be done, but it would require him to remove 2 of the cabinets and sand down/remake the top cabinets over the fridge…heck, you know it wouldn’t be easy! So, today was supposed to be the day…however, something came up and the cabinet guy couldn’t make it…let’s hope tomorrow brings resolution to my fridge dilemmna…ugh!

Guess I’ll be going out to eat again this evening…LOL!

With friendship,


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