The Never-Ending Pile of UFOs…

EAST SIDE SKIDZ…Grind it!  Green Skateboard Set
Someone needs to smack me before I start another Downtown Joey set…see, I have more than a dozen sets near completion…but still haven’t finished them in more than a month…ugh!
ABACUS inspired by GENESIS
I don’t know if  I’m unmotivated because of the slow sales on Fee-Bay or just plain uninterested…KWIM?


and there’s more…


for the VW girls…LOL

for the VW girls…LOL

I wonder if a pair of white pants would sell with this blue beach shirt…hmmm…probably not…guess I’ll use denim


Love this Jacks print…even comes with real ball and jacks in the side pocket!


Guess I better get back to the sewing dungeon…
With friendship,




  1. […] Project:  I started this boy’s beach shirt in May 2007. […]

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